Best Apple Watch of 2019: Which is the Perfect Watch for You?

Apple Watch 5

The Apple Watch is the apex smartwatch and the dream of anyone who is looking forward to buying a smartwatch. However, over the years there have been way too many of them!

2019 is the year of smartwatches! While this has been something that manufacturers of smartwatches have been saying for a really long time, Apple has been among the biggest players in the markets – and perhaps the only one who is doing everything right.

Apple Watch 5 Specs

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Let us take a closer look at the best Apple Watches and decide which is the best pick for you!

Apple Watch 5: The Best Apple Watch at the Moment!

The latest is always the best, isn’t it? At the same event last month where the company unveiled the new iPhone 11 smartphones, the company also announced its fifth-generation smartwatch: the Apple Watch 5. The watch starts from a base price of $399 and gives you a number of features including cellular connectivity.

Best Apple Watch

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It comes with a 40mm display and another 44mm variant. It offers a new and improved battery life also. Let us now take a closer look at the Apple Watch 5 alternative – Apple’s third-generation smartwatch.

The Best Budget Smartwatch: Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch 3 Best Budget Apple Watch

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Interestingly, when Apple Watch 5 came around, Apple shut down the production for their fourth-generation smartwatch and instead slashed the price on Apple Watch 3, which continues to sell in the markets. This watch can be availed for $199 and offers some of the best features such as support for eSIM and a great display too!

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