Best Halloween Game Deals for PS4 and XBOX One: Best Time to Buy Games?

Best Halloween Game Deals Darksiders 3

Gaming as an industry has really evolved a lot over the years. There have been numerous occasions where gamers have paid exorbitant amounts to fulfill their gaming needs and they are always on the lookout for deals and discounts as gaming is an expensive hobby! Halloween is usually a good time for console gamers as there often are a lot of deals that they could benefit from. Here are some of the best Halloween game deals for PS4 and XBOX One gamers which could help them make the most out of the festive season!

Best Halloween Game Deals Resident Evil 5

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Best Halloween Game Deals for Gaming Fans

PlayStation 4 gamers can get Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition at a great price of just $34.99 – which is basically half the original price! Getting a 50% discount on this epic game would be a good way to celebrate Halloween! In addition to this, Devil May Cry 5 is also available at just $29.99 where you get additional 100,000 red orbs to make the most out of this game.

Best Halloween Game Deals Mortal Kombat 11

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Those wanting to buy their games for XBOX One consoles can get hold of Mortal Kombat 11, which is available at 40% off ($35.99). Another great Halloween game deal is available on Darksiders III Blade and Whip edition for XBOX One gamers – as the price of the game has been slashed down by 50%. It includes the game, both the DLCs, as well as Darksiders I and II at $49.99

Better to Get Halloween Game Deals or Should You Wait for Black Friday Deals?

Best Halloween Game Deals

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Any time you get a great deal is the perfect time to get hold of it. We strongly recommend you to check if some of your favorite games are available at deals or discounted prices during Halloween – and if you find them, get them. Chances are that you may get other games during the next sale but not this one as the demand for this game would already have slowed down by then! Hence, make sure you buy what you like right now!

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