Best PS4 and PS4 Pro Black Friday 2019 Deals Right Now

Best PS4 and PS4 Pro Black Friday 2019 Deals Get the Sony PlayStation 4 at the Cheapest Price

Sony PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro are on some heavy discounts in the 2019 Black Friday sales. Gamers right now can get the Sony PS4 bundle for just $199 and the PS4 Pro model at $300. The deals are so good that one doesn’t have to spend much money and can even get free game titles in the bundled version of PS4.

Sony is working on the PS5 which may come out at the end of next year and it means there will be more offers on the current PS4 variants. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are coming up, and here are the best deals on the PS4 and PS4 Pro to get the gaming consoles at the cheapest price possible.

Best PS4 Black Friday 2019 Deals

Best PS4  Black Friday 2019 Deals

Sony PlayStation 4 bundle is on sale for just $199 at the Black Friday event and it includes game titles such as God of War, The Last of Us Remastered and Horizon Zero Dawn. It comes with the 1TB Storage and the standard controller in the PS4 Slim variant also. Most of the deals will stars from Thanksgiving day, while some of them can even start earlier.

  • Sony PS4:  33% discount – Amazon
  • Sony PS4: $199 ($50 discount) – Best Buy
  • Sony PS4: $199 ($50 discount) – Walmart
  • Sony PS4: $199 ($50 discount) – Target
  • Sony PS4: $199 ($50 discount) – Game Stop
  • Sony PS4: $199 plus $60 Kohl’s cash ($150 discount) – Kohl’s

Best PS4 Pro Black Friday 2019 Deals

Best PS4 Pro Black Friday 2019 Deals

The Sony PS4 Pro doesn’t have that many deals as there are no ads released, but as soon as Black Friday will get closer, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon and other retailers will pull out their offers. Sony has just announced its pricing for the PS4 Pro and is giving a $100 discount which the other retailers will have to match. Here are Black Friday deals for Sony PlayStation 4 Pro in the 2019 sale.

  • Sony PS4 Pro: $300 ($100 discount) – Sony
  • Sony Ps4 Pro 1TB Glacier White: $299 plus $25 Coupon – Gamestop

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