Beth Chapman of Dog The Bounty Hunter Fame dies after a fierce struggle with cancer


It’s not the first time when the deadly disease of cancer has taken a beautiful life. But this time it’s Beth Chapman who battled her death with a roar but unfortunately lost to it.

Beth Chapman dies of cancer:

Dog The Bounty Hunter Fame Beth Chapman Dies After a Fierce Struggle with Cancer

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Her husband Duane Chapman shared the news of her demise on twitter a few hours go.

It’s 5:32 here in Hawaii, that’s the time when she would wake up to head to the Koko Head mountain. But today, she hiked to heaven. We love you, Beth. I will see you on that side.

It was the morning of June 23 when Beth Chapman was rushed to the hospital while she complained of trouble in breathing. Her condition wasn’t stale anymore and she was placed in medically induced coma. This was one of her repeated choking emergencies, she was grappling with since 2017.

She faced a similar situation in April, too. Fortunately, the situation was under-control and she returned home safely.

Beth Chapman has been admitted to a Hawaii hospital with some complex breathing issues. She wasn’t feeling well lately and her Dog is constantly by her side. But one thing is here for sure that she’s a fighter.


 Beth was death-dealing with a stage II cancer since two years

Dog The Bounty Hunter Fame Beth Chapman Dies After a Fierce Struggle with Cancer

Picture: Pop Culture

Cancer was having  a gripping hold on Beth Chapman’s life from 2017. She was lately diagnosed with throat cancer after facing some minor breathing issues. It was a Stage II cancer and everyone around Beth Chapman were devastated with the news that followed.

Beth Chapman lately had a tumor in her throat that swelled more than the usual size of 2-4 cm. However, it’s still unclear whether the cancer cells spread to distant sites. After undergoing some repeated and harsh sessions of chemotherapy, the cancer was allegedly cured.

However, it made a lethal return in 2018. It was the second-time Beth Chapman went through the same procedure. Her undermining and legging age was brawling hard with the fatal cells that severely  spread out at nodes and vulnerable sites.

Sadly, another genial soul succumbed to her fight with cancer.

RIP, Beth Chapman!

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