Beyonce, Jay-Z Divorce Rumors: Couple Breaking Up over $1 Billion Settlement

Beyonce JayZ

Gossip Cop exposed the false rumor about Beyoncé and Jay Z separated in 2019, as claimed by a tabloid.

Jay Z’s Love Child

A year ago, Star’s issue reported of the megastars Beyoncé and Jay Z getting a massive billion-dollar divorce. According to the misleading outlet, it was about Jay Z’s alleged “love child” Rymir Satterthwaite. The claim that he was Jay Z’s son was in 2015 but the media brought up the false story again, years later.

Beyonce & Jay Z

A supposed source told the publication,

“Bey’s done her best to put on a brave face through all of the infidelity reports,” “but actually having a child with another woman is something no wife could ever get over.” Divorce “may be the only way for her to find peace in life,”

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Million Dollar Divorce

Further, the media affirmed that Beyoncé would want at least half the duo’s $1.2 billion. The same source said Beyoncé was “going to make sure she gets the bigger piece of their brand’s profit.”

The music industry power couple was said to have renewed their vows in 2018, way after the news of the “love child” hit and the rocky bit when Jay Z confessed cheating. Beyoncé’s Instagram handle shows all the love and care for each other and the children. The rumors about their separation seem funny at such a clear high point in the couple’s relationship.

Marriage Rules

The couple and their marriage are often in the tabloids. Gossip Cop has exposed many of their stories too. Also, Star isn’t talking about it for the first time. One of the October 2017 issues mention Beyoncé giving Jay Z five rules to swear by in the marriage. As absurd as it sounds, the tale was a false one.

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