Mother of Beyonce is proud (and annoyed) of her daughter’s natural hairlocks

Mother of Beyonce is proud (and annoyed) of her daughter's natural hairlocks

Beyonce is not only famous for her tuneful voice but for her striking looks and beautiful hair tresses. The pop-queen keeps on making headlines for her off-beat hairstyles. Today, we are going to share the secret behind her shining tresses and wondrous looks.

Beyonce’s mother is annoyed:

Mother of Beyonce is proud (and annoyed) of her daughter's natural hairlocks

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Her looks are reported with greater interests and vigour in magazines. She’s considered a fashion icon by many amongst us. Even me too, like the way she flaunts herself.
Beyonce is rich with the line,
If you have it, you gotta flaunt it.


And now, her beloved mother has finally revealed the secret of her healthy tresses. Her mom, Tina Knowles-Lawson  has managed a wittily post on Instagram. She shared a video on the social media platform of her darling daughter’s hair.

Her caption was really especial. The 65 years old lady posted the video along with title;

I am trimming my sweet kiddo’s hair today and guess now, I am mocking Neal! Finaly getting on her pretty nerves! While she being really annoying.

The clip included Lawson combing her loving daughter’s blonde-brown hairlocks, reaching down to her waists.

Have it been more cuter than reproving your daughter for cutting her locks down

Mother of Beyonce is proud (and annoyed) of her daughter's natural hairlocks

Source: W Magazine

The video involved Lawson cheerfully speaking and advising Beyonce to maintain her health. Lawson manages to rant her daughter by saying,” My daughter’s hairs, umm.. I need to make them fine.”

The actor found her mom’s comment quirky and told her, “Mama that’s annoying… I mean really very annoying.”

I guess, every baby-mumma relationship evolves through the same phase, irrespective of their ages. It doesn’t matter how old you get, you’ll always be a toddler for your mom.

Lawson’s posts have garnered enough views and comments for chiding her daughter like a typical mother.

While one fan wrote that Beys hair are as long as her money bundles. The others messages were flooded with smily emojis and laughing emoticons. Beyonce is currently in news for lending her voice to the awaited Disney remake of The Lion King. She will be playing the voice of Nala.
The movie is set to drop in theaters on July 19.

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