Big Little Lies Ends with Uncertainty Hovering Over Season 3

Big little lies season 3 will hit the screens or not?

Big Little lies Season 2 ends with the Monterey Five who were there during Perry’s murder, surrendering themselves to the police. The miniseries managed to have a second part although the novel it’s based on doesn’t have any was a treat in itself.

About Big Little Lies Part 1 and 2

Big little lies season 3 coming or not?

Big Little lies is an American entertainer based on the novel by laine Moriarty. Moreover, the novel and the series share their names. The novel is brought to the screen by David E. Kelley, who opened it on HBO on 19th February 2017.

The first season ended with Bonnie putting an end on the life of Celeste’s husband Perry. Perry is portrayed as the abusive husband and the one committing a heinous sexual crime on Jane.

Now since the novel didn’t have a second part the 7 episode entertainer was expected to end here. But nevertheless, the fans were taken by surprise with a season 2. This season showcased the events forth Perry’s death.

And the show entertained its fans with an epic conclusion one-on-one between Perry’s mother and Celeste. However, the miniseries took off on an unexpected note of  Monterey Five’s surrender. And that has hit the fans hard hence, they have demanded for a season 3.

The splashy thriller is having a Season 3?

Big little lies season 3 coming or not?

A season 3 is what the followers of the hit thriller with all the A-listers from Hollywood are demanding for. However, the actress and the executive producer Kidman has insisted upon creating a third season. But she claimed to do so only if all the cast remains unchanged. However, the fans have gone greedy wanting a new season.

However, Kidman’s statement didn’t quite go with HBO president Casey Bloy’s word. He simply pushed the idea of the new season to the bin stating that all the A-lister cast had their prior commitments. Furthermore, he reasoned season 2’s creation as a way to give a convenient end to the franchise’s fans.

Nothing can be made out of these two contradictory accounts. However, we wish that the fans get what they want and the cast of the show is able to do so.

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