Big Little Lies Season 3: Nicole Kidman wants it but will the cast remain?

Big Little Lies Season 3

Nicole Kidman recently spoke her heart out when she expressed her feeling of wanting to have a Big Little Lies Season 3 on HBO. The executive producer and lead of the show, however, made it clear that she wants to have a sequel only with the same cast from adults to the children in the following statement.

I think we would love to do a season three because there are certainly ideas. But we would not do it without all of the same people involved…..even the kids. I’m so glad the show has found its way because there really is nothing on TV with six female lead.

The Quiddity of Big Little Lies

Big little lies season 3 coming or not?

Well, Big Little Lies is the TV interpretation of the novel of the same name written by Liane Moriarty. The show debuted on HBO back in 2017. Though the novel did not have a sequel yet its on-screen producers built one for its fan. The story has six women in lead.

The story of the show encircles the life of these women who accidentally are involved in the murder of the abusive husband of one of the leads.

The show was much appreciated by both its viewers and critics. And it also managed to grab eight Emmy Awards along with Outstanding Limited Series and acting awards for Kidman, Skarsgard and Dern.

What’s the future for Big Little Lies Season 3?

Big little lies season 3 is still a mystery

The show’s lead actresses, however, praised their experience in the show. The show has been a move towards women empowerment in Hollywood with ladies running the show on their own. And that’s why new generation fans want to see more with Big Little Lies Season 3.

However, when asked Keleigh Sperry whether or not there will be Big Little Lies Season 3, Woodley simply replied “Ha ha ha ha, I hope so” on Instagram.

Nevertheless, HBO president Casey Bloys dismisses the idea of a new season, Big Little Lies Season 3. He blamed the A-lister cast’s busy schedule for the same. He further said the second season was that’s why produced to give its fans a rightful closure.

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