Big Little Lies Season 2: Monterey Five’s fate sealed at the end of Season

Big Little Lies Season 2

Big little lies season 2 on HBO mostly encircled the torment of the Monterey Five occurring from the accidental death of Perry. The season ended with the group heading to the police station to confess.

Yes, to confess about the non-accidental slip of Perry from the stairs at the night of the fundraising event, revealing the secret that almost made them walk through hell.

What happens after the confession by the Monterey FiveBig Little lies season 2's end decoded by lawyer Andrew Stengel

Well, the whole season, fans kept questioning as to why they kept Perry’s death a secret. Even though it was not an intentional murder but rather an act of self-defense.

Well, E-News recently called New York City criminal lawyer, Andrew Stengel to their sets to determine the fate of the ladies after the secret is out. Moreover, it looks like the aftermath won’t be as nerve-wracking at all.Big Little lies season 2's end decoded by lawyer Andrew Stengel

Stengal said that after the confession, there would be further interrogation by the detectives to check their credibility. Then, a prosecutor will be left to decide whether to prosecute anyone or not.

Big Little Lies: Secret was worth it or not?

Depending on what was shown, Bonnie’s push was an act of defense on behalf of Celeste to protect her from Perry. Further, Stengel put into perspective all the evidence and facts of Perry’s wrongdoing. Hence, he claimed that it could put Bonnie behind bars for a few years at the most for involuntary manslaughter.

Further, he pointed out that lying to the police could surely get the ladies in trouble. However, it could call for a slap on the wrist, looking at the circumstances related to Perry. Also, he said that Celeste would for sure have the custody of her kids irrelevant of the confession. Further, he continued to praise Celeste’s lawyer skills.

And Stengel also adviced Renate Kline to get away from Gordon whose nothing more than baddie. Hence, by doing so, she can save her assets.

Since now everything is decoded we clearly can make out that the secret should have been revealed in the first place. That way Season 2 would’ve gotten the chance to focus on better things.

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