Biggest cocaine and marijuana bust caught by Coast Guard authorities near Eastern Pacific

cocaine and marijuana smuggling

Recent footage of a coast guard trying to capture a drug smuggling vessel in the ocean. The video released from the Coast Guard authorities claims to capture drugs including cocaine and marijuana. It is estimated that the street value of the cocaine and marijuana is almost 232 million dollars. A total of 17,000 pounds of cocaine are seized from the floating vessel.

Cocaine and marijuana smuggling:

Cutter Munro members tried his level best to capture the vessel over the eastern Pacific Ocean. This is some ways to sell drugs in the open sea without getting caught.

However, these vessels are self-propelled vessels capable of being semi-submersible over water. A member from the authorities found out a man inside the cocaine and marijuana smuggling vessel. In addition, a total of five other members of smugglers are caught during the capture.

Biggest cocaine and marijuana bust caught by Coast Guard authorities near Eastern Pacific

Coast guards terrific jump captures 17,000 pounds of cocaine
Credits: ABC news

This kind of Drug smuggling vessel or semi-submersible are used in the open sea to traffic drugs. John Masson, Chief Petty officer reported the cause and some important facts of these vessels.

These vessels can carry a large number of drugs and are also unidentified at a larger sea surface. However, this vessel eventually used by traffickers to get rid of getting caught by officials.

US President congratulated the bravery of the authorities

Later, Donald Trump caught an insight of the footage and made a tweet on the cause. He added a bravery report for the authorities for such service.

According to reports, this footage carries a month-long activity out of which a lot of seizes are done. In a total of 39,000 pounds and 933 pounds of cocaine and marijuana are being captured.

The reports also claimed to have captured 14 drug smuggling vessel around the eastern pacific zone. A lot more around the coasts of Mexico and South America between May and July of this year. On a later notice, Mason confirmed about capturing more of 55 smugglers around the area.

This smuggler will be handed over to federal authorities for court prosecution. While the other smugglers caring the drug smuggling vessel will be handed over to international authorities.

Moreover, V.P Pence tweeted about the extreme hard-work of the coast guard in capturing smugglers.  It is part of an operation by Munro since April 2017, John Masson said.

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