BigHit Entertainment is now worth $2 billion USD: Details inside

BigHit Entertainment

Analysts of Hyundai Research Institute(HRI) have reviewed financial success of BigHit Entertainment. The label now values more than $2 Billion USD.

We all know, who’s been in charge of their massive gains.

From roads to redemption, story of BigHit

BigHit Entertainment is now worth $2 billion USD: Thanks to the huge success of BTS

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Korean all-boy band, BTS is having immense praises in 2019. The year has seen them make and break records with their music, take home the highest of awards. And become the country’s most prominent boy band, celebrated by the whole world.

Finally, their hard work along with the label’s strategic thinking is paying off so overwhelmingly. The Seoul based Hyundai Research Institute has reported that the band’s label, BigHit Entertainment has it’s net value surging over $2 billion USD.

Their success story didn’t stop here. The label’s net profit has surpassed a mark of 170 percent year-after-year. As of 2018, the BigHit Entertainment had a corporate value of $1.16 billion (1.28 trillion won).

The label is now officially categorized as a “unicorn company.” In United States, a unicorn company is described as a private sector startup, having net value of $1 billion or more.

The company has certainly come a long way. From nearly going bankrupt in late ‘00s to being Korea’s most valued band label, BigHit Entertainment has secured high yields in little time.
Frankly saying, BigHit Entertainment should now start writing analytic cum inspiring reports on their success story.

There’s still a long way to go, BigHit!

BigHit Entertainment is now worth $2 billion USD: Thanks to the huge success of BTS

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Furthermore, BigHit Entertainment has overpowered the original Big 3 Korean-Pop agencies. Although, the SM Entertainment has an estimated worth of 1.6 trillion won. JYP and YG stand much behind with 929.6 billion won YG at 580.5 billion won respectively.

Analysts also believe that the mid-2019 and 20s are going to be fortune years for BigHit renown success. The predictions bore out to be true. With Boy with Luv surpassing 350 Milion Views and BTS consecutive concerts, BigHit Entertainment has garnered bankable profits. BigHit now should officially credit their success to BTS.

The band’s worldwide fame and enriching talent has helped the label to be a big shot in music industry.

We pour the band and their label with our heartiest wishes.
Congratulations BigHit Entertainment and Team BTS!

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