Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky love affair gets an unbiased feature

Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal to feature in American Crime Story next year

The US then-President Bill Clinton had a lavish lifestyle and a flamboyant nature. Ever since he held his tenure in White House, Bill Clinton was all surrounded with disputes and debates. And now, American Crime Story is all-set to cover his extravagant, extra-marital affair with ex-White House Intern, Monica Lewinsky, and leading impeachment proceedings in 1999.

Bill Clinton rumored affair finally gets an unbiased feature

Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal to feature in American Crime Story next year

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The controversial episode is going to envelop every single detail of Clinton’s lothario nature during the watch of next year’s presidential election. Not to mention that Lewinsky is co-producing the FX show, drawing the nations’ most scavenging trials and serial murders.

Meanwhile, Booksmart fame Beanie Feldstein has been roped to play Lewinsky in the crime-series drama. Moreover, Sarah Paulson will enact the civil servant, Linda Tripp, who carried out the secret investigation into Lewinsky and Clinton’s private phone calls, garnering nation-wide slam and outcries.

However, Ryan Murphy is still speculating possibilities in actors to be roped for the roles of Hillary and Bill Clinton.Meanwhile, Lewinsky has come out with a diplomatic statement about Ryan Murphy, the production and latest TV series shoots.

She calls herself ‘privileged’ to be a part of Murphy and his team. Amidst the growing criticism, she faced for looting a married man, Lewinsky was historically silenced for patronizing a skirt-chaser rake, who once was engaged for driving his own countrywomen on roads of freedom.

FX broadcast timings to divert US polls

Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal to feature in American Crime Story next year

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People have been molding and telling my part in the story for decades. It wasn’t until the past trauma-free years that I’ve been fully able to reclaim what had really happened.

The time of show premiere is quite crucial since it’s instantly obvious to damage Bill Clinton and his former’s party repo at a notorious level. At a time where the US is preparing to go the polls, Lewinsky’s voice may significantly divert votes from US Democrats.

Meanwhile, FX management has clarified on not reaching out to Clinton’s for sharing their side of the story on camera. It has been repetitively done before and FX wanted to have a more pristine and unbiased perspective of what had happened in ’99 impeachment urgency.

Lewinsky names Bill Clinton as a ‘gross abuser of power’ and ‘ a person with enough life and political experience.’ Lewinsky was 22 when she started seeing Clinton, who was 27 years, her senior at the time. Impeachment: American Crime Story will hit you right in your nerves on 27 September 2020.

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