Bill Cosby’s post on Father’s Day 2019 causes outrage on twitter

Bill Cosby's post on Father's Day 2019 causes outrage on twitter

Bill Cosby might be in jail, however, his online networking records still posted a Father’s Day message Sunday 2019.

“Hello, Hey, Hey…It’s America’s Dad…I know it’s late, however to the majority of the Dads… It’s a respect to be known as a Father,” the post peruses, “so we should make today a recharged vow to satisfying our motivation — reinforcing our families and networks.”

Bill Cosby's post on Father's Day 2019 causes outrage on twitter

Bill smiling. Source: The Progressive Army.

What is Cosby in prison for?

Cosby is detained in Pennsylvania following his April 2018 conviction for tranquillizing and explicitly attacking Andrea Constand at his home outside Philadelphia in 2004. He was condemned for three to 10 years.

In any case, his representative, Andrew Wyatt, disclosed that Cosby mentioned a Father’s Day message to be posted from him.

“Mr Cosby’s (message) comprised of telling these men who have been detained for a long time, yet are up for parole soon…to…take “hindrance” and expel the “dis,” and begin concentrating on the bit of leeway,” Wyatt said. “That preferred position is to be better dads and gainful natives.”

Bill Cosby's post on Father's Day 2019 causes outrage on twitter

Bill in an interview. Source: LA Times

How did the public react on Father’s Day 2019 message?

Social media outraged on the post by Bill’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. As we can see, he has mentioned himself as the father of America and people were hurt by that.

They also retaliated by saying that you lost that spot years ago. People were completely shocked and stunned when the posts surfaced. They asked him to understand the meaning of prison and stay confined.

There were tweets that suggested Cosby stay in his room and never get out of it. Sexual offenders are always hated by the people and Cosby was found guilty of molesting a kid. He was also accused by a large no of women that they were sexually assaulted by him.

The internet went crazy over his posts and the general opinion was of disgust. Everyone who saw the posts also felt disgusted in some sort of way. They didn’t like that he called himself the father of America.  Look at some of the tweets that came as replies:

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