Billionaire Robert F Smith to pay entire US Class’s student debt

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Robert Frederick Smith is an American philanthropist, investor, and businessman. In 2018, he ranked 163rd richest man in America by Forbes. Last year, his net worth was US$4.4 billion. His name got added in Vanity Fair’s New Establishment List. In 2017, his name was included in 100 greatest living business minds by Forbes. He also surpassed Oprah Winfrey and became the wealthiest African-American in 2018.

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Robert Smith will be paying all the student loans

Today, Robert Smith’s personal net worth is $ 5 billion. Recently, he has decided to invest his money for graduate students in Atlanta, Georgia. His announcement stunned the students. Even the class of 2019 teachers were stunned to hear the news before applauding him.

Smith will be paying off all their student debts at Morehouse College, which is an all-male black college. As per the sources, around 400 students will get the benefit at the cost of tens of millions of dollars.

Credits: CBS News

The reaction of the students

However, the college has yet to decide which students will be benefited. But they did calculate the round figure of $10 million or higher, which will be paid on behalf of the students. Some students were crying happy tears. It was a moment of joy for them because a heavy burden was taken off from their shoulders.

Aaron Mitchum is a 22-year-old finance student in the college. He cried after hearing the good news, and now he won’t have to pay back $200,000 debt which he had taken for his studies.

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