Tiny Shark species Bioluminescence shark discovered that glows in the dark

Bioluminescence shark – researchers discover species belonging from tiny shark clan

Every few days a new species come in contact with human researchers. From a recent study, researchers discover a new bioluminescence shark out of the blue. It’s tiny in shape and most importantly it glows in the dark. Sharks stalk their prey and attack without being noticed. But, this new species is something which can prey using some light.

Bioluminescence shark glows

It’s an American Pocket Shark with a minimum size of 5 and a half. Tulane University discovers this species from the Gulf of Mexico. On looking to its stature, it is less fearsome than its upper variations.

In 2010, while studying about sperm whale, scientists got to see a kitefin shark. However, till 2013 the kitefin didn’t come in contact with humans.

Bioluminescence shark – researchers discover species belonging from tiny shark clan

The new shark species glow to attract prey for a meal
Credits: Pop Culture

This new Bioluminescence Pocket shark is second in its category. Another of the same type was found out in 1979 in the Pacific Ocean. But surprisingly both the species are different in terms of location and its rare.

According to reports, these sharks secretes glowing liquid in order to attract preys.

Open sea carry almost 90 percent of glowing species

In the deep sea, bio-luminescence is a common feature of animals. Species use this feature to attract preys or communicate for mating. NOAA believes that almost 90% of the species in the open sea are bio-luminescent. However, the deep-sea creature is scant in nature along with the glowing feature.

This glowing feature is subdued by a chemical reaction which helps to generate light. This feature can also be used to give warning or a trap for a midday meal.

For an exciting fact, the fanged fish in the movie “Finding Nemo” is known as “Black Seadevil”. This fish is real in nature which uses the glowing feature to attract preys into its jaw.

Bioluminescence shark – researchers discover species belonging from tiny shark clan

A scene from “Finding Nemo”, on communicating with anglerfish as bioluminescence
Credits: Smith Sonian Ocean

In the sea, there are Bioluminescence planktons, which helps to light up the sea at night. From which many species above the food chain jumps to munch on them. But things are different during the day.

Another feature is known as “dinoflagellates” helps to discolour the water and it is known as red tide. Thus further research is continuing on the bioluminescence shark for further details.

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