Birds of Prey Plot Leaks Spoilers: Harley Quinn and Black Mask Connection Revealed

Birds of Prey Plot Leaks Spoilers Harley Quinn and Black Mask Connection Revealed

Birds of Prey is one of the most anticipated DC movies which will release next on February 5, 2020. It has Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie as the main character which puts together an all-female team to fight mob bosses in Gotham City. Apparently, the group Birds of Prey has never been put together in live-action before and fans are very excited for the team-up.

There are certain rumors and plot leaks which gives the whole story for Birds of Prey and explains how Harley ends up against the villain Black Mast. Here is the leaked plot summary for ‘Birds of Prey’ along with the important spoilers explaining the end of the movie.

Birds of Prey Leaked Plot Summary

Birds of Prey Leaked Plot Summary

Birds of Prey movie starts with Harley Quinn breaking up with Joker and parting ways with him. She starts to live on her own, cuts her hair and adopts a pet hyena. During a bar fight, she meets Dinah Lance aka Black Canary and they become good friends. Meanwhile, Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress is looking for revenge against Roman Sionis aka Black Mask played Ewan McGregor, and Renee Montoya is a GCPD detective who is trying to capture Harley.

During the movie, Cassandra Cain swallows a diamond that contains some crucial information of Black Mask and he orders a bounty on her head. The gang comes together and names themselves Birds of Prey and fights Black Mask and his goons. Despite their differences, they save each other’s lives and manages to get away in the end.

Harley Quinn and Black Mask in BoP Movie

Harley Quinn and Black Mask in BoP Movie

Black Mask in Birds of Prey is apparently a rich criminal mob boss who uses a mask to scare his victims, but it is apparently burned on his face towards the end of the movie. Harley Quinn gets into a fight at his club and kills his people, which is why Black Mask wants her dead.

Also, Harley blows up the Ace Chemicals building, which indicates she has broken up with the Joker. It is why every criminal and even the police from Gotham attacks Harley knowing that there is no one to protect her.

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