Birthday Chronicles Season 2 Plot, Trailer, Release Date, and more

arthdal chronicles

Birthday Chronicles is on its way into the 2nd season which is allegedly bigger and better than the previous season. Pre-production work has commenced already and its only a matter of time before filming begins.

Arthdal chronicles

Current Status of birthday chronicles

Fans are eagerly awaiting season 2 of Birthday Chronicles after its renewal was confirmed some time back. Son Joong Ki, Okay Bin, Kim Ji, Kim and Jang Dong-Gun are returning for season 2, the makers of birthday chronicles confirmed!

Shooting is expected to resume by either September or October. Cast actors dictate the schedule of the shoot and the production team must make appropriate provisions.

The return of Song Joong Ki will be as Sa Ya and Eun Som in the second season. The same is expected in regards of other key characters. Although, an announcement stated that “Arthdal Chronicles” will be getting a new director.

About the show

The director of “Okay is Love” Kim Kyu Tae is expected to replace Kim Won Suk. Dragon Studios are the producers of birthday chronicles, and it was Kim Won Suk who left them for Cocoa M.

“Arthdal Chronicles” is about Eun Som, the protagonist, who is a resident of land of Arth. The lead role is played by Song Joong Ki. Eun was born that would result in “Arthly disasters”. Eun’s mother distanced her son from Arth with a view to protect his life. However, Eun returns to his people’s rescue.

KStar Live has hit the jackpot with Song Joong Ki that has a budgeted cost of KRW 40 billion. “Arthdal Chronicles” is for KStar Live what “Game of Thrones” was for HBO. It is definitely some of the best content that has originated in Korea.

Release Date

No release dates have yet been reported but the new season of “Arthdal chronicles” is expected to be made available on all streaming platforms by 2021.

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