Black Clover Chapter 290 Release Date Confirmed: Manga Issues comes out Sunday, April 18th

Black Clover Chapter 290 Release Date Confirmed: Manga Issues comes out Sunday, April 18th

Black Clover Chapter 290 is coming out this weekend and it has been confirmed that there are no breaks or delays. While it was earlier speculated that there could be a break this week as the Black Clover Chapter 289 was just 15 pages long, the official sources are not hinting at any such thing. There are still some chances that the Black Clover 290 chapter gets delayed.

But unless there is an official update, we will presume that things are on the regular schedule. Asta deflecting the huge Freezing Sun created by the fused devils has been the highlight of the previous chapter and Magna and Zora are proud of their magicless boy. Here are more details on Black Clover Chapter 290 release date, spoilers, theories, predictions and other manga updates.

Black Clover Chapter 290 Release Date is Finally Confirmed

Black Clover Chapter 290 release date has been confirmed as of this Sunday, April 18, 2021, as per the official manga sources. The official manga publishers website is showing that the upcoming Black Clover manga chapter comes out this weekend and it means there is no break. Yuki Tabata is a hardworking mangaka who rarely takes any rest and the same will happen with the Black Clover 290 issue as the chapter is right on time.

 Black Clover Chapter 290 Spoilers, Predictions and Theories

Black Clover Chapter 290 spoilers will come out this Thursday, April 15th as per the reports. The manga theories are saying that Zora and Magna will help Asta against the twin devils as they have learned so much in the time they were absent.

Even though Asta is able to defend the attacks from Lilith and Namaah, the devils are hardly affected and still having fun with him. It might be possible that Black Clover Chapter 290 shows a few more devils coming out from the Underworld as there are other gates open. Magna and Zora are fresh without any injuries and they might use some new magic spells to bind the upcoming devils.

Black Clover Chapter 290 raws will be out on Thursday but it would be better to wait for the official manga release. Fans can read online the latest Black Clover issue for free from the following manga sources.

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