Black Clover Chapter 292 Spoilers, Leaks, Summary: Magna vs Dante Boxing Match Starts

Black Clover Chapter 292 Spoilers, Leaks, Summary: Magna vs Zora Boxing Match Starts

Black Clover Chapter 292 spoilers and leaks are finally out and even the full manga summary is now compiled. Fans had to wait a lot for the manga spoilers as there was a break last week. However, the BC 292 spoilers are finally out and fans are glad to see the Magna vs Dante fight. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Black Clover Chapter 292 summary spoilers and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

Black Clover Chapter 292 Spoilers, Leaks, Summary

Black Clover Chapter 292 Summary

Black Clover Chapter 292 Title: “To know”

  • The manga chapter is 15 pages

  • Chapter starts out with a flashback between Magna and Zora.

  • Zora starts to teach Magna “Counter-trap magic”.

  • Chapter then transitions to Magna vs Dante.

  • Boxing match between Magna and Dante then starts.

  • Dante is seen regenerating in the fight.

  • Chapter ends with Magna landing a big blow against Dante.

Black Clover Chapter 292 Ends

Source: Black Clover Chapter 292 Spoilers on Reddit

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Black Clover Chapter 292 Release Date and Read Manga Online

Black Clover Chapter 292 release date is set as Sunday, May 9, 2021, as per the manga reports. The raws or scans for Black Clover 292 chapter can leak out 1-2 days before the official release, but it would be better to wait and read the original version of the manga issue.

Black Clover Chapter 292 can be read online for free from MangaPlus and Viz Media apps and platforms. We would request all the readers to use the legal sources as it would help the manga creators too.

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