Black Clover Movie Announcement Update: New Movie will continue the Story after Anime Ends

Black Clover Movie Announcement Update- New Movie will continue the Story after Anime Ends

Black Clover is finally getting a movie and fans can’t contain their excitement. It is the best news for the Black Clover fans as the anime is coming to an end this Tuesday and everyone was very emotional about things getting over.

But there is a new Black Clover movie coming up and it will be enough to pass the hiatus as the manga series continues to drops new chapters every Sunday. Here is everything we know regarding the Black Clover movie release date, plot, anime-manga story connection, and other updates.

Black Clover Movie Release Date and Plot Updates

Black Clover Movie Release Date and Plot Updates  

Black Clover movie will be announced officially very soon and most of the reports have already confirmed it. It can’t happen that such big news can be hidden and there will always be some sort of buzz as such things are finalized in advance. Ever since “Demon Slayer: Infinity Train” anime movie broke all the box-office records, most of the anime and manga series are now getting movies too.

Black Clover movie release date is yet not clear but it could easily be set up this fall as it is the best time for any movie release. As for the Black Clover movie plot, it will be based on the manga series and most likely adapt the Spade Kingdom raid storyline.

Black Clover Movie Connection with Anime and Manga

Black Clover Anime and Movie Connection 

Black Clover movie will surely be connected to the anime and manga series and all of them will be in co-relation. It will most likely happen that the Black Clover movie continues the manga storyline from where the anime ends and adapts the next few chapters. It is a common trait where some of the best manga arcs are developed into a high-budget movie and the same will happen with the Black Clover movie for sure.

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