Black Cover 252 Release Date and Spoilers

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Black Clover Chapter 252 brings a Vanica who is adamant on attacking the Heart Kingdom. Fans of the manga are in search of Vanicaโ€™s real motive for such actions. One possibility is the Dark Triad, but on the other hand she may also be desirous of more power and control.

The next Black Clover Chapter 252 will also be covering the Spade Kingdom arc. Black Clover 252 will have new chaotic battles because of the devil power accompanying them.

black clover

Black Clover Chapter 252: Plot Direction

As the characters begin to appear in Black Clover 252, story of those characters will be highlighted. It is thus likely that fans will come across fresh revelations that can be quite surprising.

A possible backstory about Vanica may be on the cards to reveal her motives. What is it that she wants from the Heart Kingdom and its knights? We have our fingers crossed that these questions will be addressed by Black Clover Chapter 252.

Magna and Zora will also reappear for helping the knights against the devils of the Dark Triad arrive for destroying the kingdoms. Until they arrive, though, knights must prove their fortitude on the battlefield.

Black Clover Chapter 252: A look back at Chapter 251

Gaja arrives in the Clover Kingdom to assist the Spirit Guardian in the previous Black Clover Chapter 251. They were successful in beating the Dark Disciple. Next, Gaja is focused on returning to Lolopechkaโ€™s side because he realizes that she will require assistance as well.

Vanicaโ€™s appearance followed the henchmenโ€™s defeat by Mimosa, who received help from Lolopechka. They were celebrating the victory and just then, Vanica arrives at the scene. Now, a fiercer battle must be fought. The fierceness was evident also because the henchmen they had just defeated, were starting to awaken and ready to fight again.

Black Clover Chapter 252 is scheduled to arrive on May 31. The raw scans have a scheduled release date of May 29, as per Super Heroes.

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