Black Friday 2019 Scam: Hackers are Offering Fake Deals to Steal Credit Card Details

Black Friday 2019 Scam

Black Friday 2019 sale is live and a lot of deals and discounts are offered on the top products at the biggest retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Costco. But amidst all the plethora of deals, there are also a lot of scams going in the name of Black Friday deals.

Hackers all over the world who have stolen credit card details are now selling them to be used for purchasing items in Black Friday sales events.

There would be so much rush online and offline, the bank server will be very busy and it gives them a perfect opportunity for card frauds. Also, some hackers are offering fake Black Friday deals and discounts links, that can be used to steal a user’s credit card information. Dark Web is used for such shady transactions and here is how you can stay safe from the Black Friday 2019 scam.

Stolen Credit Cards on Dark Web

Stolen Card on Dark Web

The cybersecurity experts have warned the customers about the Black Friday scams and advised them to stay alert from the hackers. The fraudsters are using Telegram, an encrypted messaging service application to promote the festive season deals to other cybercriminals. There is a lot of chatter going on the Dark Web and forums are made especially where credit card details are sold as low as 25 cents for Black Friday deals.

Even the hackers are promoting their “carding” service on Dark Web, which teaches how to steal credit card information of innocent users. Once the card details are stolen, the hackers then use them to purchase luxury items like iPhones, Laptops, gaming consoles, etc. and there is so much rush in Black Friday that the money is debited before users can deactivate their cards.

Stay Alert from the Fake Black Friday Deals

Stay Alert from the Fake Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2010 sale offers are live for some brands and products, while some will be unveiled a few days before November 29. But there are a lot of fake coupons and deal offers which give a discount as high as 85 percent being forwarded on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. which contains a special code. When a user is said to enter their details to unlock the offers, their credit card information is saved and the same is used in most of the Black Friday scams and thefts.

Our advice to users is that do not click on fishy links, always check the official websites for any deal offers. Black Friday deals will be available soon as the retailers will promote them, put out ads and display on their website and social media page. There is no need to hurry, just be patient and have safe and secure shopping in 2019 Black Friday sales events.

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