Black Lives Matter Donations: John Cena matches BTS Donations of $1 Million to BLM Cause

Black Lives Matters Donations- John Cena matches BTS Donations of $1 Million to BLM Campaign

John Cena has donated $1 million to the Black Lives Matter cause and matched donations with the BTS band and their fans. The WWE wrestler and actor is known for his acts of charity and he was impressed by the BTS fans who matched the BTS donations of a million dollars to the BLM cause. John Cena shared the news on Twitter and requested his fans to do the same and help everyone in the matter and give equal respect to everyone, despite his color.

The Black Lives Matter campaign became popular once again after the recent death of George Floyd in police custody. Here are more details on John Cena’s donations in Black Lives Matter cause and his praise for BTS and their fans for the same.

John Cena Donated $1 Million to Black Lives Matter and Praises BTS Band

John Cena Donated $1 Million to Black Lives Matters and Praises BTS Band

John Cena praised the efforts of BTS and the BTS fan army for their generous donations and how they have handled the matter, despite being from a country like South Korea. Cena gave a shout to the K-Pop band and their global fanbase on Twitter for their support on the Black Lives Matter moment. The WWE superstar was all praise for the BTS boy band and thanked the BTS army for their generous support to BLM cause.

The South Korean boy band BTS recently donated $1 million for the international human rights movement and it inspired their fans to do the same. The BTS army started a #MatchAMillion campaign on social media and a total of 35,609 donors raised $1,026,531 within just a day. John Cena was so impressed by BTS and their fans that he decided to match the same amount being a BTS fan himself to show his support for the Black Lives Matters movement.

Black Lives Matter Donations and Campaign 

Black Lives Matters Donations and Campaign 

Black Lives Matter campaign recently came into limelight after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police. It outraged protests all over the world and the Black Lives Matter trend has restarted once again across the globe.

Celebrities and their fans from all over the world are showing support for the BLM cause and standing against racism. The donations given to Black Lives Matter campaign are used to fight injustice against different races and support them financially.

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