Black Moon: Myths and history of the Dark Side of the Moon

Black Moon Date, time and some unknown facts about the occurrence

The night sky witnesses different shades of the Moon from time to time. This may not be the first time people are watching a different color of the Moon. There was Blue Moon, Strawberry moon and even Red Wolf Moon in the night sky. And this time North America will witness a Black Moon on July 31.

According to the reports, this is the first Black Moon to occur since 2016. And in every 32 months, we can watch two of both full and new Moon. The approximate time for the occurrence is 11.13pm EDT.

Black Moon is just another dark side of the celestial body

There are some speculation and facts about the Black Moon. This occurrence is the second new moon for this current month. In general, the full moon is the phase of a moon when the whole moon is gets illuminated. Contradictorily, New Moon occurs when Earth’s shadow falls on Moon. so, every second full Moon is a Blue Moon and a New Moon is Black Moon.

Black Moon - Date, time and some unknown facts about the occurrence

Different phases of the Moon
Credits: KATC official

The next occurrence of the Black Moon is set for August 30 this year. According to Rick Dickert, the Celestial body will be closer than its average distance. This means that the body will also blend in the sky. As when the body travels through Earth’s unilluminated part which then it makes it darker. And it is not visible for its darkness which is covered by the Earth.

It’s the best time to stargaze under the dark night

Another report claims to go into the wild and to stargaze. Away from pollution and city lights, this night can be enough to get a view of Milkyway. Let your eyes get adjusted with the dark and mind to stargaze with shooting stars.

Black Moon - Date, time and some unknown facts about the occurrence

Stars like Vega and Deneb can be hopeful to see in the dark night
Credits: WTAP

Some believe that the Black Moon can trigger destruction to the world. Absolutely, this is not what it looks like, its only a period of phase for the celestial bodies. People are excited about the rare phenomenal occurrence. Some share their happy moments back from 2016 whereas some are happy for a new beginning.

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