Black Widow DVD Digital Release Date: Marvel Movie to Stream Earlier on Disney Plus?

Black Widow Release Date

Black Widow Trailer just dropped giving hints that what Marvel has planned for the solo adventure of the first female Avengers. The release date for Black Widow movie is currently set as May 1, 2020, and in some countries such as India it will come out a day earlier on April 30.

While it’s too early to talk about the DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Release date for Black Widow, nowadays the time period has shortened very much between theatrical release and home release. Also, Disney Plus is a big factor that affects the Black Widow digital release date. Here are the possible release dates for Black Widow DVD, Digital and Disney+ streaming platform.

Black Widow DVD Digital 2020 Release Date

Black Widow DVD Digital 2020 Release Date

Black Widow comes out at the start of May 2020 and the next Marvel movie to release is The Eternals in November, which gives it plenty of time to breath. However, Disney has crammed up 4 Marvel movies to be released in 2022 and they might change their slate to evenly distribute it and prepone one of those to release after Black Widow.

Even if something doesn’t happen, based on trend it may take a maximum of two months and Black Widow will release on DVD and Digital around July 2022. Given how Joker which earned more than $1 billion and still running in some of the theaters, came out in two months on digital, it is entirely possible for Black Widow too.

Black Widow to Release Early on Disney Plus?

Black Widow to Release Early on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is doing great, there are already millions of subscribers, The Mandalorian is loved by everyone and Marvel fans are waiting for their TV shows such as ‘Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, ‘Loki’, ‘WandaVision’, ‘Hawkeye’, etc.

There are some rumors that Disney can now release their movies earlier on Disney+ to attract more subscribers. After all, we have seen that more and more subscribers are shifting from theatres to streaming services. It won’t be a surprise if Black Widow releases on Disney Plus in the middle of June next year.

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