Blackadder Season 5: Blackadder to return with a new story and old characters

Blackladder to return with a new story and old characters

The cast of Blackadder is reported to go for a revival with Blackadder Season 5. The core star cast has discussed the plans for a new series and fresh episodes after meeting up in London.

Blackadder Season 5: quick updates

Blackladder to return with a new story and old characters

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The rumors of a reboot version, with Blackadder Season 5 was clinching the air since the last Back & Forth episode of season 4 in 2000s. Even, Rowan Atkinson, Stephen Fry, Tony Robinson and Hugh Laurie have also supported the idea of a reboot. They agreed to make a hysterical return for the series after meeting at Soho House members club in London city.

A source, present at the spot revealed:

They all had a great laugh while sitting together like the good old friends. So they just waved a yes by saying,  ‘Yes, let’s do it’.  The script is in progress. I heard Rowan saying that he is extremely excited.

With time, the storyline of Blackladder will evolve vividly. The new series will be seen in modern premises with Blackadder teaching in universities.

Blackladder shall return after a span of two decades

So, the writers played a reverse here: From Backladder being a young in early 2000s who criticized older people for their stupidity and weak administration, he’s now much older guy, teaching in universities and now hating younger people for their mis-deeds.

Meanwhile, the upcoming show may see some star guest appearances from Tom Hardy to Russell Brand.

Blackadder was first started in the year 1983. While, the series recorded it’s last episode from the fourth series in 1989, a special Blackadder Back & Forth was composed in early 2000.

Until now, there has been no official confirmations about the show. But the speculations for a new series were high since a last year’s poll rated the program as “most likely revived show” during their audience interaction.

Blackadder Goes Forth final scene, and with Remembrance Sunday coming, it’s even more poignant. from videos

We all have been eagerly waiting for a new show, with a pristine and antique concept.

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