BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande New Album Release Date and Songs Details

BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande New Album Release Date and Songs Details

After the success of Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK’s ‘Sour Candy’, few details about the group’s next album have emerged. This year it was earlier stated that the group is making a comeback in three parts starting with their album ‘How You Like That’.

After the success of this album, fans expectations from the group have increased and they want to know what their next move will be. The group released its latest video teaser online.

Teaser poster released by BLACKPINK

On Thursday, group’s social media handle showcase a poster revealing the release of a new album this August. The report mentioned that this is the second part of their comeback in the music industry. Reports also said that each member of the group will be releasing “solo” singles.

The poster did not provide any relevant information which will help to recognize the featuring artist. As the fans are keeping a close eye on group’s movement they get some hints about group’s next collaboration.

A YouTube channel also said certain things that the group will be working with Ariana Grande in new album and Ariana has also mentioned about working with the group before.

Friends since they all met in Coachella

BLACKPINK members Jennie, Lisa and Rose are close friends of the singer Ariana Grande. It was also revealed that they all met in Coachella a few years back. Ariana’s music producer, Tommy Brown posted a picture with BLACKPINK members back in 2019. Rumors started spreading after that picture.

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