BTS and Blackpink Dating Rumours: Are Jungkook And Lisa Really Seeing Each Other?

Blackpink Lisa BTS Jungkook

Blackpink and BTS related rumours are rife, these days. Fans are shipping members of the two most popular k-pop bands with full enthusiasm. Especially our most favourite, extremely handsome, breaker of all hearts, owner of the goofiest killer smile and with swoon-worthy swagger in his dance, Jungkook of Bangtan Boys is being linked to Lisa, the main rapper in the much-loved girl band, Blackpink.

Right from the moment these 2 bands gained popularity, fans all over the world have been wondering if something could happen between members of both bands. Although, for a while now, a secret romance between Jungkook and Lisa is being hinted at.

Is the singing duo secretly seeing each other?

The pair was seen together a few times. That gave rise to secret romance rumours between the singers. Many fans ship some of the members of both the bands. But among all those 7 boys and 4 girls, Lisa and Jungkook’s alleged relationship is the most talked about.

Blackpink Lisa BTS Jungkook

Blackpink has been in headlines in the last few weeks following the release of their first studio album, The Album. At the same time, BTS is also topping charts with their latest album, Map of the Soul: 7, and their hit single, Dynamite.

Both the bands’ fans have already tasted the feast of eyes when Lisa and Jungkook performed together. Their sizzling on-screen chemistry made many individuals wonder if anything was going on in real, as well.

Blackpink Lisa BTS Jungkook

Blackpink’s label is strict about dating policies

Fans who ship these two hard may have to calm down their raging emotions a little. The On hitmaker is not dating the How You Like That singer. We are not sure if the duo is even friends, let alone if they are seeing each other.

The all-female band’s label, YG Entertainment, is pretty uncompromising with their policies. It exercises a Dating Ban for all its bands, including Lisa’s. That would mean that the lovely Thai singer won’t be able to date Jungkook or anybody else without the label’s CEO permitting her to do so. Yet, we can’t blame fans world over for wishing this dream coupling to turn into reality.

Blackpink Lisa BTS Jungkook

However, even if the duo became a couple sometime in future, they reserve the right to keep their relationship private. Celebrities hardly wish to make their personal things public.

Blackpink And BTS Collab In Near Future?

Apart from these dating rumours, fans are also dying to see a collab between the two popular bands. It not in the least bit surprising, considering the level of fame and huge fanbase these K-pop idols enjoy. Not to mention, there are no policies restricting both groups to collaborate.

Each K-pop band label works super hard to maintain its stars’ reputations. Despite there being constant good news about both Blackpink & BTS, a collaboration isn’t exactly the best possible move for YG Entertainment.

It only took a handful of photographs for fans to start theorizing about Jungkook & Lisa’s secret love. Just imagine the level of craze if the two bands collaborated. In that case, there would be no stopping the fans from shipping everyone.

A Blackpink and BTS collaboration like that would be too hard for the world to handle. Hence, it’s safe to assume that at least for now we’re not getting the Blackpink & BTS song of our dreams.

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