BLACKPINK creates milestone leaving boy gangs behind with debut single Boombayah

Korean Artists Who Earn in Billions
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It seems that Korea’s most notorious superwomen, BLACKPINK are going to win the race of smashing records, leaving behind our K-pop gentlemen. BLACKPINK’s debut single, Boombayah has crossed more than 650 million views on YouTube. And not to brag but, that’s the highest for any debut single music video for a Korean pop-band.

So, these girls are rocking everywhere. From off your pocket moneys (in concerts) to your YouTube histories, they are ‘just’ everywhere.

BLACKPINK’s Boombayah sets another MV record

BLACKPINK released their debut single, Boombayah in 2016 along with another track, Whistle. The band coupled the song in a digital single, Square One. The song became instant popular and gained massive adoration at the Billboard charts.

Not to mention the song topped the World Digital Billboard Song chart in initial weeks only. BLACKPINK achieved the over-whelming milestone on July 14 shortly around 4 PM KST.

Funfact. Boombayah is Blackpink’s longest song which is 4 minutes long. from BeulPing

Moreover, Boombayah’s MV is the only K-pop debut video to surpass more than 650 million YouTube views. Although, another coupled single, Whistle is getting underway for 360 million views.

Indeed, a remarkable achievement for the K-pop supergirls, BLACKPINK.

Furthermore, Boombayah holds another cornerstones after reaching fastest 100 million debut views on YouTube for the year, 2016-17. BLACKPINK’s 650 million success is followed by only two more songs, which of one is zilch but Ddu-Du-Ddu by BLACKPINK and BTS’s DNA.

Go some boom, boom, boombayah

BLACKPINK creates history with debut single 'Boombayah'

Blackpink squad on the sets of Boombayah (picture: Daily Motion)

Nonetheless, BLACKPINK wasn’t the one to lay the first stone of Hallyu, globally. But for sure, the band has been a great support in manifesting the K-wave. After smashing the US Billboard charts, the song went on to top Japan’s Hot 100 and debuted at 196 in France’s SNEP. That’s a big hit for a linguistic based girl group that doesn’t even share the same mothertongue with many of you.

The exotic, booming Boombayah beats were placed at 7 88,215 downloads sold and 1,866,737 net streams in Korea.

Thank You, BLACKPINK for making us know the EDM sides of Korea and the global music industry as well.

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