BLANKPINK Music Video plagiarized by KFC China


KFC China has always been known for bringing the most refreshing edibles on our tables. But this time, the company is at the verge of sueing for allegedly plagiarising a music video of Korean pop band, BLANKPINK. Let’s dive deeper in the whole matter. Mind you, if you follow KFC China blindly then, this is really not the article, you’d be reading.

PS. The article may contain some satirical criticism and laughable comments.

KFC China dupes buyers with BLANKPINK  MV

For this time, KFC China has been in news for their illicit creation of their Mojito rather for Mojito itself. The state industry has been accused of plagiarizing video of BLANKPINK of ‘DDU-DU-DU‘ song in sighting the launch for their new, Queen Mojito.

Did KFC China just Plagiarise Blackpink's Music Video ?

picture: KOREA MAP

The drink ad video strikes a number of similarities with BLANKPINK creation. From the score backgrounds, costumes and even the song’s timeline, KFC has copied everything blatantly.

Right now, I am certainly out of view that KFC really has a creative talent team indoors. And on the edge, how could the officials really premit such a similar construction without even googling the cross-fact.

I don’t reckon if I should only mock a single set of KFC officials over their heedless attention towards the company’s repo. KFC really should offer them a good stipend, or a good team, on another note.

How will the giant handle his fall?

Indeed, KFC China subtly underestimated netizen’s obsessive habits of overlooking into everything. It’s obvious, the critics don’t have eyes. What they have are just two binocular microscopes placed inside retinas that never fails to notice anything! And when I say anything, I mean even the colors and the patterns of dresses you are wearing.

KFC China launched their now infamous drink, Queen Mojito on July 1 after making the audience wait terminally. But what they didn’t expect was a brutal backlash from BLANKPINK ‘s fandom after they caught company’s bootleg tricks for promoting the new drink.

I suppose, the shoutouts against KFC China are exemplified enough for companies to stop replicating someone else’s hard work, without even crediting them back.

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