BLACKPINK Rumors: Fans claims that the BlackPink Girls are the Rudest K-Pop Group

BLACKPINK Rumors- Fans claims that the BlackPink Girls are the Rudest K-Pop Group

Blackpink girls are rumored to be the rudest K-pop group by fans in a recent community platform. Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa of BLACKPINK are some of the most popular pop stars today and the group is very successful. Blackpink fans are not just limited to South Korea and have expanded to the entire world.

The songs and albums of BLACKPINK have broken several records and have even beaten international artists across the world. It makes sense for Blackpink girls to be a bit rude but fans are claiming that the K-pop group is very arrogant when cameras are not around.

BLACKPINK Group is Very Rude and Arrogant

BLACKPINK Group is Very Rude and Arrogant 

BLACKPINK fans called “BLINKS” were recently discussing the K-pop group on online forum Quora and why the all-female group is the rudest of all. One of the top-rated comment explains that the K-pop girls are very rude as they have been amazing in their respective and talent skills.

Lisa is rude because of her dancing skills, Rosé is rude because of her voice, Jisoo is rude because she is very pretty and Jennie is arrogant because she excels in everything ranging from rapping, singing, and dancing skills. Fans explained that Blackpink is the rudest because the girls are on the top in terms of looks, talent and skills.

BLACKPINK is Rudest K-Pop Group Rumors

BLACKPINK is Rudest K-Pop Group Rumors

Blackpink is the rudest K-pop group rumors can’t be confirmed based on what a few fans have to say in an online forum. There are multiple fans claiming that the Blackpink girls are full diva after going off the stage.

However, without any evidence, it is hard to prove that Blackpink members are rude to their fans. Although, Blackpink being one of the most popular female K-pop bands have to face thousands of fans and some of them might have felt that they are very rude.

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