BLACKPINK set to roll out “Kill This Love” in Japanese

BLACKPINK rolling out the Japanese version of "Kill this love"

BLACKPINK is set to take a U-Turn to Japan with their second mini-album ‘Kill This Love’. The band will release the album in the Japanese language. Moreover, the album will take the stores on 11th September in its physical form. The album is seriously killing its fans though.

All news – BLACKPINKBLACKPINK rolling out the Japanese version of "Kill this love"

This South-Korean girl band started by YG group with four members have been stirring the world from quite some time. The group consists of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa. Where their song “Bombayah” made a hit on the Billboard World Digital Songs Chart, “Whistle” summoned  400 million views.

However loved, the group has also received a fair share of hatred too. Their music video “Kill This Love” was banned by TV station KBS for the violation of Road Traffic Act of the country. Although the music video had become an overnight sensation and was the fastest to get 100 million views on YouTube.

How much ever the fans loved the song, they hated the pictures released alongside it. The pictures had bruised faces of the members that kind of glorified physical violence.

Additionally, the group unimpressed their US fans this year when they did not coordinate well with their dance steps on their The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s debut. The dance fail to lead to fans remarking the performances to be appearing “Lame”


BLACKPINK rolling out the Japanese version of "Kill this love"

Entering the stores on September 11. The “Kill This Love -JP Ver” will have 10 tracks. It will also include Japanese and Korean transcriptions of “Kill This Love”, “Don’t Know What To Do”, “Kick It”, “Hope Not” and “DDU-DU DDU-DU(remix)”.

This mini-album will have these versions- First Press Limited Edition A, B, a regular version and the solo version of its members- for a sum of 7 eccentric designs. Moreover, they will promote with Interscope for all the Japanese Promotions adhering to their current contract with Universal Music’s Interscope Records in the US in October last year.

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