Bleach Anime Release Date Updates: When is Bleach Season 17 Coming Out after COVID-19?


Bleach anime release date will be out soon as the series was renewed for the final season after eight years. Fans of the anime series are very excited to see the show getting a proper ending and can’t wait for it to come out. It has been confirmed that Bleach anime will return for the last and final season adapting the Thousand-Year Blood War arc from the manga source materials.

In terms of seasons, Bleach Season 17 will be the next anime installment to come out after the COVID-19 pandemic clears out. Here are more details on the Bleach anime release date and when will Season 17 come out after the Coronavirus outbreak.

Bleach Anime Renewal and Production Updates

Bleach anime was renewed earlier this year on the 20th anniversary of the Shonen Jump manga celebrations. It was announced that Bleach will return for the last season and complete the storyline by adapting the Thousand-Year Blood War arc from the manga source materials.

It is expected that Studio Pierrot will once again handle the production of Bleach anime which will be based on Tite Kubo’s manga series of the same name. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the manga and anime industry badly in Japan and most of the projects are delayed. However, things are getting better and the production of Bleach anime can start remotely in the next few months. 

Bleach Anime Release Date for Season 17

Bleach Season 17 anime should come out around the start of next year or it might get delayed a few months. Fans can expect Bleach anime release date to be set around January or February 2021, depending on when the anime production starts and how much time it takes to create new episodes. It is also reported that Netflix will stream Bleach Season 17 episodes as soon as the anime series is ready.

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