Chris Stapleton Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars collaborate for another hit Blow

Blow a trio song of Chris Stapleton, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars

The two world’s greatest pop stars along with country one of the music’s best created a fantastic “rock track”!

Blow a trio song of Chris Stapleton, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars

The famous song composer, with Kentucky’s Chris Stapleton along with the Grammy-winning performer Bruno Mars are heading forward to release Blow their newest track of Ed Sheeran’s upcoming No.6 Collaborations Assignment

It’s an amazing rock track that owns Chris Stapleton’s famous howl among a soulful Bruno Mars, unusually harsh-round-the-edges.

Ed Sheeran announced on Friday, “Blow”, collaboration with the YEBBA, “Best Part Of Me.”

No doubt Ed Sheeran is a pop superstar! Ed Sheeran said in one of the press releases that he loved creating both the tracks. He, Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton had a lot of enjoyment while recording the songs. He said,

Play them really loud and tell all your mates to enjoy!

These songs are a part of Ed Sheeran’s upcoming 15 tracks release. Each track will feature a star cameo. The top album contributors are Travis Scott, Eminem, Cardi B, Skrillex, Khalid with Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton closing it out.

“Blow,” produced by Bruno Mars, “Best Part of Me,” produced by Benny , releasesBlanco, Ed Sheeran with Joe Rubel, characterized in the video.

“No. 6” that will come on July 12. To Listen “Blow” please click below!

The original records that appear on Sheeran’s collaboration album, due on next Friday that is July 12, 2019, along with earlier released songs like “I Don’t Care”, “Beautiful People” and “Cross Me”.

Ed Sheeran’s earlier releases featuring Khalid, Chance The Rapper and Justin Bieber in “Beautiful People”, “Cross Me” and “I Don’t Care” respectively records in the album.

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