Bold and Beautiful will be overtaken by mayhem in future

Bold and Beautiful will be overtaken by mayhem in future:Spoilers

Wondering what will happen in the Bold and Beautiful next? Well, I am here to give you some spoiler alerts about what can you expect to see in the forth-coming episodes. The next two weeks’ worth of drama is what you will discover in this article. So get ready to know what the near-future of Bold and Beautiful holds for you!

Bold and Beautiful will be overtaken by mayhem in future:Spoilers

Spoilers ahead!
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Bold and Beautiful next 2 weeks spoilers!

The next two weeks storyline and content tease that, Baby Beth will perform her drama impeccably, in the most unconventional manner plausible. The much-awaited honeymoon of Thomas Forrester and Hope Forrester will fall face first into trouble.

If you are waiting to witness some steamy-hot romance between the couple, which you think is inevitable, then sorry to burst your bubble. Hope will starkly put her negative views regarding the honeymoon. For she is not a tinniest bit interested in it, so obviously the romantic edge is all gone!

With Hope and Thomas off to their honeymoon, the snooping of Liam will continue. His hopes of discovering Florence and Thomas’s gigantic secret shall be his driving force. Even though Liam will return to his IT roots, Thomas will get a sniff about Liam’s motives.

What the future holds for Hope?

Well, don’t get all of your hopes down, for Hope may not be so easily spared. All thanks to the little wedding present that he received. Thomas is actually planning on drugging Hope just like he drugged Liam. So Hope seems to be heaps and bounds of trouble, for Thomas is ready to take things to extreme!

Bold and Beautiful will be overtaken by mayhem in future:Spoilers

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Now, Hope is no easy baby to get hold off, and we all know that. She is going to retort and retaliate, claiming Liam to be her true love. Now this will obviously set off Thomas, who will try his level best to prove that he the destined man for her!

The biggest surprise will be the reconciliation of Hope with her baby. The Bold and Beautiful spoilers say that even Beth Spencer and Hope shall reunite. However, this all will be neither simple nor legal! The trauma and its side-effects will affect all. No one shall be spared.

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