Bond 25: Daniel Craig wants Ed Sheeran in 007 franchise?

Daniel Craig is all for making Ed Sheeran a member of 007 franchise

Well something’s are just a game of fate! Like two entirely different people belonging to different walks of life met and unite. I am not talking about falling in love type of conciliation but just working and knowing each other type.

For something similar happened with Daniel Craig and Ed Sheeran. Wondering how can James Bond be related to the trending singer? Well, the 25th addition to the action spy franchise of James Bond may witness the welcome of Ed Sheeran in its premises!

Daniel Craig is all for making Ed Sheeran a member of 007 franchise

Ed Sheeran to voice 25th James Bond Film
Source: Metro

How did Ed Sheeran caught Daniel Craig’s eye?

Excited to know about how your favorite spy and singer are collaborating? What brought them together and who was recommended to whom? Well, just like I said something’s are more like a game of destiny and no one knows about it till the last stage is reached!

James Bond star Daniel Craig met the songwriter-singer Ed Sheeran through his daughter Ella. Well so all those whose day is going to be a bit more brighter than usual because of this news, don’t forget to thank Ella for it.

Ella is speculated to have introduced Daniel to Ed Sheeran and like all of us, Craig is also not immune to his melodious singing. The James Bond star is anticipated to be eyeing the singer as a probable voice in the next iteration of the James Bond franchise.

Will Ed voice the 25th film of James Bond series?

Daniel Craig is all for making Ed Sheeran a member of 007 franchise

Daniel Craig stars as James Bond
Source: Time Magazine

He wishes the singer to theme tunes for the upcoming film. As known by all Craig (who is currently 51) is not only an actor in the film but also features it as a producer. So even though other singers are still being looked at for selection, this actor cum producer’s choice will definitely not be neglected.

Rumors of Adele coming back for the next film are also afloat, however if certain sources be trusted then Ed Sheeran is under serious consideration. All thanks to 007 and his daughter Ella.

Well who will and will not be finalized can only be revealed once things settle down for sure.

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