Borderlands 3 footage leaks online, watch the clip and it’s breakdown

Borderlands 3 footage leaks online

This is a moment of delight for the fans of the Borderlands franchise. As the  Gearbox Software will be hosting a Borderlands 3 official gameplay event on Wednesday. This event will give the fans the first look of the game that will be launched this year.

A short gameplay clip has been leaked which is only 30 seconds long and could not reveal much. But, because of the excitement of the fans, they have already begun to break down that clip for some information.

Borderlands 3 footage leaks online

During the clip, the player is just seen to open a chest, and the players have seen a Maliwan weapon in the chest. A sniper that showed a radiation type damage, which can make the enemies weak and can open up the strong weapon combos for the players.

It is also expected that Borderlands 3 will have an item score for the pieces of gear that are found during the game. However, it is still not revealed how the score will be calculated.

The company has been making many changes on how the guns will work in Borderlands 3. A glimpse of change of the loot UI is seen in this clip. This time every Maliwan weapon in the game will be featuring two elements rather than one element.

This will allow the players to swap back and forth during the flight. There were two different Maliwan weapons that were shown in the clip. And Both the snipers had two different elements. One of the snipers was able to swap between Fire and Radiation while the other one was able to swap between Fire and shock.

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