Borderlands 3: Trailer, Release Date, Game-play and much more

Borderlands 3: Release Date and Features.
Borderlands 3 trailer has been released and exciting news.

Gearbox Software, the developers behind Borderland series announced the arrival of Borderlands 3. Even after 10 years of first-person shooting gaming style and RPG style looting, it still is amazing.

Release Date and Price

Make a reminder in your calendars for September 13th 2019. Schedule some extra time for this version as it is going to be more exciting.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms are available for the game. The best thing is that pre-booking is open. This unlocks a bonus of Gold Weapon Skin Pack.

Borderlands 3: Release Date, Features and Game-play

Pre-order and receive Gold Skin bonus add on.

The Standard version of the game will have the game and Gold Skin bonus for $59.99. The Deluxe version and Super Deluxe versions will contain extra bonus and characters with some extra pricing.

New Features to the Borderlands 3

Gearbox has not revealed anything regarding this. But after going through the trailer we got something exciting news.

There are now four heroes with new looks and monowheels are another medium of travel. One character in each team will have a mechanical suit that can create havoc if someone approaches him. Won’t be foolish enough to fight him.

Borderlands 3: Release Date and Add on Features

Never mess with the hero having the Mech Suit.

The trailers also show offs some new trails like vast cities and jungles. Not only this but it also contains the deserts and mountains for old time sake. Another good news is that the low level and high-level players can team up and play the game. Loots are available according to their level.

Characters and Story of Borderland 3

The evil guys in the story are the Calypso twins. They are combining a team of bandits from Borderlands for some purpose. Beating these guys are a hell of a task. You will be leaving Pandora to explore edges of the space.

There are few old cast members such as the vault hunters and non-player characters. Lilith the Siren, will play a major role in the story.

Rhys, from Tales of Borderlands, is a character that shares his ending story in the game. Understanding his cybernetic implants in his mind an amazing task.

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