Boruto Chapter 50 Read Online, Full Summary, Spoilers: Isshiki almost kills Boruto and Sasuke

Boruto Chapter 50 Read Online, Full Summary, Spoilers- Isshiki almost kills Boruto and Sasuke

Boruto Chapter 50 will release anytime but the spoilers are already and fans have already translated the raw scans. Isshiki finally arrives in Konoha and start a fight with Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto tries his Phoenix form and attacks Isshiki in Boruto 50 chapter but things don’t go as per the plan.

The Otsutsuki leader slams Sasuke into the ground and almost kills him, but Boruto saves his uncle. Isshiki doesn’t kill Boruto and Sasuke as he still needs Kawaki to extract the karma powers. Here are more details on Boruto Chapter 50 read online, full summary, spoilers and ways to read the manga series.

Boruto Chapter 50 Full Summary with Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 50 Full Summary with Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 50: “Potential Value” – General Summary

Scene opens with Isshiki kneeling on the ground, staring back at Boruto + co. Naruto asks Boruto where they are. Boruto replies that he doesn’t know either. Naruto is taken aback by this. Boruto explains that he knew that the Otsutsuki could travel to other dimensions, so he assumed that he could do that same thing via ‘Karma’. Plus, Isshiki can’t wreak havoc on the village here. Naruto notes that Boruto seems to have inherited some aspects of his personality.

Anyway, lsshiki breaks up their chat and dashes towards them head-on. Naruto immediately gets in between Isshiki and Boruto. Naruto tries to swing his fist at lsshiki, but he suddenly disappeared. Sasuke then tells Naruto to look up. lsshiki has Boruto in a choke hold, floating high up in the sky. Isshiki then estimates that Boruto’s Otsutsuki transformation progress is a bit over —80%. lsshiki wonders about the powers that Boruto’s hiding.

Suddenly, Sasuke swaps out for Boruto’s body in front of lsshiki. Boruto is back on the ground next to Naruto, coughing a bit. Now at a close-range, Sasuke activates Chidori. Isshiki easily grabs onto Sasuke’s wrist and cooly stops it right in front of his own face. He yells at Sasuke because he’s just getting in the way. lsshiki then kicks Sasuke in the hip and sends him flying off. Sasuke lands straight into the ground, face up in a pile of rubble (not much of a crater).

Naruto tells Boruto to run away or he’ll get killed. Isshiki lands back onto the ground. He taunts them by saying it would be easy for him to use time-space ninjutsu to return back to the village. But then Isshiki says that he just wants to deal with everyone at once here. It’s better to get rid of everyone who’s going to keep getting in his way sooner rather than later. Perhaps the people in the village don’t even know where Kawaki is anyway. Naruto then goes into a battle mode with his chakra aura.

Scene shifts to underwater. Jigen is staring down into it, his face distorted by the ripples on the surface. Jigen is doing a recap of the same speech as in the chapters prior: Kawaki is nothing. He’s empty. Above all else, he hates himself. There’s a open hole in Kawaki’s heart, etc. We see a naked Kawaki, floating down further underwater.

Then Kawaki suddenly wakes up on a bench. Amado is next to him casually smoking a cigarette, telling him not to worry because he’s safe for now. Kawaki doesn’t seem very convinced of that.

Suddenly, they get interrupted by Shikamaru receiving a telepathic message from the monitoring team. The Otsutsuki’s + Boruto’s chakra have both suddenly disappeared off their radar tracking screen, followed by Naruto and Sasuke’s.

Amado recaps what’s transpired since Kawaki passed out. Isshiki has invaded Konoha, Kawaki is the target, they’re off fighting off Ishiki right now, etc. Kawaki looks at his palm, finally realizing that the ‘Karma’ has vanished without a trace. Amado recaps again the explanation about it being the Otsutsuki’s backup file, something for lsshiki’s ‘Reincarnation’, now used on Jigen instead of Kawaki, all according to his + Koji’s plans, etc.

Shikamaru adds that now that the ‘Karma’ is gone from Kawaki, Kawaki is also no longer a ‘Vessel’. Shikamaru declares that Kawaki is officially a free man. Kawaki replies that he’s the reason why lsshiki came to Konoha – Isshiki is trying to etch him again with ‘Karma’. So what does Shikamaru mean by saying that Kawaki’s a free man now – What a joke. Shikamaru concedes that it’s true that lsshiki can do whatever he wants, but that’s why Naruto + co. went to stop him.

Kawaki says that lsshiki is even more of a monster than Jigen. Amado doesn’t seem phased and continues on another recap – He says that a monster is still just a monster. Plus, lsshiki is on borrowed time anyway due to his short remaining lifespan. They’ll prevail as long as Isshiki can’t etch Kawaki before his time runs out.

Scene changes back to the battle. Naruto leaps directly at Isshiki. He has two Rasengan – one in each hand. Isshiki uses his doujutsu, and so both Rasengan seem to disappear from his palms all while Naruto is still mid-run. Naruto then extends a huge chakra arm to grab lsshiki. lsshiki tries to block it, but Naruto continues to make more arms and starts pounding him with an onslaught of chakra fists.

Boruto thinks that his dad’s attack is really amazing as he watches Isshiki seemingly get pummeled. As Naruto heads closer in, Isshiki disappears again. lsshiki reappears right behind Naruto and knees him straight in the back. Naruto then makes like —5 kage-bunshin to counter lsshiki and fight back with taijutsu.

Naruto then notices that Sasuke is creeping up behind Isshiki, preparing to attack. Naruto then uses two of his huge chakra arms to grab lsshiki and keep him immobile.

Next, we see Sasuke charging straight at Isshiki’s back with a Chidori.
…But then Isshiki uses his doujutsu and suddenly conjures up a few giant, nested-square patterned cubes. They plop onto the battlefield. Sasuke managed to jump out of the way, but it seems like Naruto got pinned beneath one in the meantime. The cubes keep pounding into the ground, and we focus in on Sasuke navigating through them.

Suddenly Sasuke is on the defense – He’s blocking lsshiki’s long, black pole with his sword. Sasuke’s sword is stuck, cutting partly through the pole. That’s when lsshiki says that he’ll handle them one by one – starting with Sasuke first. Then, lsshiki uses his doujutsu and shrinks down Sasuke’s sword. It’s too small to fit into his grip anymore. Isshiki whaps Sasuke hard across the face with his staff, hitting Sasuke face-first into the ground. Isshiki then maximizes Sasuke’s sword, and grips it in his hand. Boruto watches on with a worried expression on his face.

Just as Sasuke is trying to get back up, Isshiki says, “Farewell, Uchiha Sasuke.” Boruto then starts running straight towards them. Scene changes back to Shikamaru + co. He’s receiving updates from the chakra tracking team. They recap once again about how they still can’t seem to locate Isshiki’s chakra + how Naruto + co. might have used a time-space ninjutsu – That would explain why they can’t trace it within Konoha.

Kawaki is very surprised that Boruto is with them in the battle. Amado is still casually smoking a cigarette. He says that it’s a Fuinjutsu via ‘Karma’. Jigen could use the same one. Katasuke and Sumire look very worried. lsshiki is clearly out of their league. Amado replies that it may seem like Boruto is no match for him in terms of his actual merits or capabilities, but it’s possible that Boruto might have noticed something else too – He has some potential value and usefulness in a battle against lsshiki. Shikamaru and Kawaki seem confused.

Scene switches back and Isshiki is about to stab Sasuke with his own sword. Suddenly, Boruto dives right in between them. Sasuke seems a bit angry and surprised by what he’s doing.

Boruto tosses something and then disappears with Sasuke. lsshiki is left at the scene in a cloud of smoke, still holding onto Sasuke’s sword. Boruto and Sasuke are now at a cliff nearby. Isshiki asks Boruto in a condescending way about why he decided to do that – Does he really want to die like this?

Boruto stands back up, and gets kinda smug about it. He asks Isshiki why he didn’t use that opportunity to just kill them both back then – Especially since Isshiki stopped halfway into stabbing Sasuke to death before Boruto intervened. It seems as though Boruto expected that reaction from Isshiki because lsshiki isn’t able to kill Boruto for some reason. Sasuke also seems a bit surprised by this statement.

Scene changes back to Amado + co. He says that such a gutsy kid like Boruto might hold the key to victory in that battle afterall.

Boruto Chapter 50 Ends

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Boruto Chapter 50 Read Online and Official Release Date

Boruto Chapter 50 English Read Online

Boruto Chapter 50 release date can be read online for free on official Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps and websites. It would be better to wait for the official release of the “Boruto” chapter 50 English version that would come out on Friday, September 18 around 11 am EST.

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