Boruto Chapter 50 Spoilers, Leaks : Boruto vs Isshiki Fight into the Portal Confirmed


Everyone in Konohagakure, Naruto and Boruto are doing all they can to protect Kawahi from their enemy Isshiki. Fans will witness the big fight in chapter 50 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.   

Spoiler ahead. Consider yourself warned!

Isshiki is still looking for Kawaki in the village. However, Sasuke and Boruto cleverly use Momoshiki’s karma and now Isshiki is completely clueless about his location. Sasuke and Naruto then follow Isshiki and Boruto to the other dimension.

In chapter 50, a fierce battle begins between Naruto, Boruto and Sasuke on one side and Isshiki on the other. Isshiki is hell bent on defeating the trio and take Kawaki. In the previous chapter, we saw that Isshiki was hovering over Konohagakure in search of Kawaki. Meanwhile, Shinobi begins evacuating everyone from the village.

Isshiki ditches Byakugan and threatens Shinobi to tell him about Kawaki’s whereabouts or else he would kill a civilian. While Naruto was looking everywhere for Isshiki, he finally finds him and comes face to face with him. Isshiki gets excited on seeing the Seventh Hokage and he is ready to defeat him.

Meanwhile, Sasuke tells Boruto that Naruto won’t be able to face Isshiki on his own. Sasuke also enquires about the incredible power that Boruto used against Boro. However, Boruto is not sure if he should use Momoshiki’s power as he loses control whenever Momoshiki takes over.

Sasuke then formulates a plan keeping Isshiki’s shrinking abilities in mind. He tells Boruto to change into a katana using his Transformation Jutsu. Sasuke hurls the katana at Isshiki when he faces him. However, Isshiki didn’t shrink and realised that Boruto was using Momoshiki’s karma and powers to enter another portal.

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