Boruto Chapter 51 Read Online, Spoilers, Full Summary, Raw Scans Leaks and Manga Updates

Boruto Chapter 51 Read Online, Spoilers, Full Summary, Raw Scans Leaks and Manga Updates

Boruto Chapter 51 spoilers are finally out with the raw scans leaks arriving on the internet. Fans have already translated most of the dialogues and panel texts from Japanese to English as the manga leaks are becoming more clear. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Boruto 51 spoilers and hence one must proceed at their own risk.

We would advise the manga readers to wait for the official English release of the Boruto chapter as it is more accurate compared to the spoilers and it also helps the creators. Here are more details on Boruto chapter 51 spoilers, leaks, full summary and ways to read online the manga series for free.

Boruto Chapter 51 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Boruto Chapter 51 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Boruto Chapter 51 Full Summary and Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 51 Title: Sacrifice

The first half switches between the battlefield and Amado talking. The second half of the story is that Naruto made up his mind and Kyuubi let the new power mode activate,

Boruto says to Isshiki that when team 7 were fighting boro he said that Isshiki (Jigen) intends to use kawaki and Boruto. So, in short if l’m dead then you are in trouble. Kara’s plan is to plant a scared tree to harvest chakra fruits
Amado explains that in order for the tree to grow one of the Otsutsuki’s is scarified while the other guards the growth of the tree waiting to harvest the chakra fruit.

Amado: “When Otsutsukis attack a planet, they always come in pair. I’m going to tell you why…” Shikamaru: “is one of them sacrificed?” Amado: “The other one watched the growth of the tree until a chakra fruit grows”

Once Isshiki Otsutsuki a. Kaguya came to this planet together and planned to plant a sacred tree. Kaguya, who was originally more of a lower status, was meant to be used as a sacrifice, but due to Kaguya’s sudden rebellious, the plan was completely disrupted. And it was done alone without Kaguya.

Amado: “I should emphasise that lsshiki is in a higher position and Kaguya, who was in a lower position was meant to be the sacrificed to grow the god tree, at least that was the original plan”

Amado: “However, as i said earlier because of kaguya’s betrayal their plan got aborted. Isshiki was forced to live in the body of jigen as a parasite and he had to do it without Kaguya!

Shikamaru: “in other words, in order to grow a god tree…cioes it mean that Isshiki had no choice but to feed himself to the ten-

Amado: “indeed…because there were no other Otsutsuki around”

Boruto intends to pierce the kunai into his own neck, the kunai is shrunk by isshiki. Isshiki then kicks Sasuke, boruro is worried about Sasuke, sasuke was put under a black cube rendering him motionless. Boruto counter attacked with a rasengan, but isshiki shrunk the rasengan and inserted it into boruto’s arm, rotating his arm 360 degrees, and twisted boruto’s arm.

The screen turned to Naruto’s side, surrounded by four black squares, which even had the ability to disturb perception. Naruto called Kyuubi to discuss countermeasures together.

Kyuubi: “What do you plan to do if that guy is going to defeat us one by one and face such a powerful enemy beyond the dimension.”

Naruto: “I am Hokage. I don’t care even if I fight for my life to protect the village. Even if only my corpse is left, I will hold him, knowing that he will come to the end of humanity (life)”

Kyuubi: There really is no way, Naruto, you really plan to fight for your life this time…?

Naruto: “Sorry, kurama, this time we must beat him here.”

Kyuubi was lost in thought.

Kurama: “There is a way.” Naruto:…, ? what…, ?

Kurama: This is really the ultimate technique. Compared to simply being killed, it is worth a try.”

Naruto: “What… If there is away, why didn’t you say it earlier?” Kyuubi fell silent again.

Kyuubi: If you use this trick, you will die in the end.


Kyuubi: But you will be killed if you don’t use this trick…

Naruto suddenly appeared and kicked Isshiki and hugged Boruto distressedly.

Boruto heard Naruto’s voice and said: “Dad, no, if you don’t run away, will be killed.”

Naruto: “What stupid thing to say…! Your dad is Hokage, so it’s not your turn to worry.”

Naruto: Kurama, please.

Kyuubi: Have you thought about it?

Naruto’s new mode is revealed, Sasuke was shocked

Boruto 51 chapter translation might contain some errors as it is a rough summary and hence fans must read the official chapter for perfect accuracy.

Source: @Abdul Zoldyk on Twitter

Boruto Chapter 51 Read Online and English Release Date

Boruto Chapter 51 Read Online and English Release Date

Boruto Chapter 51 can be read online for free on official Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps and websites. It would be better to wait for the official release of the “Boruto” chapter 51 English version as it would help the manga creators.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 51 release date is currently set as Tuesday, October 20, 2020, as per the official manga website. Fans should wait 2 more days and read the latest Boruto chapter from the official sources.

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