Boruto Chapter 51 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaks: Boruto Discovers The Key To Defeat Isshiki

Boruto Chapter 51

Boruto Chapter 51 will have Naruto and Sasuke dealing with a formidable opponent. Also, Boruto may play an important role in defeating Isshiki as the battle forges ahead.

The fate of Konohagakure on the line

Sasuke, Naruto and Boruto struggle to bring Isshiki under control. Speculations are rife that Boruto might be the key to overcome this enemy and save the village.

In the previous chapter, we saw all the four, i.e., Isshiki, Boruto, Sasuke and Naruto get transported to an unknown location. And the fight continued.

Boruto Chapter 51

Toward the end of the chapter, Boruto learns that Isshiki is not willing to kill him and it is an important intel for the trio. Elsewhere, Amado praises Boruto’s nature and announces that he can be a key to victory in this battle against Isshiki.

The trio of Konoha have to delay Isshiki

Naruto and Sasuke have to resist Isshiki until Kawaki can hide in another place. Naruto and Sasuke are not fighting to win, they’re just surviving as of now. There could be a training arc for them both as they probably won’t die here.

Boruto will most likely go on the offensive to help Sasuke. Also, Naruto’s attacks might land until Isshiki seals him. Then he would possibly proceed to kill Naruto or Sasuke after their plans fall through. As a result, Boruto’s Jougan could activate. Fans are also predicting that Momishiki will be lured out and will take over Boruto. Which could lead to an attack on Sasuke that may mortally wound him.

Boruto Chapter 51

The trio could have eventually defeated Isshiki in the other dimension if not for Isshiki’s surprise jutsu. But now, they don’t stand a chance against fully resurrected Ohtsutsuki, as they are immortal.

If Boruto has, indeed, stumbled upon a solution and the answer to defeating Isshiki, the villain may even decide to take a detour. Not to mention Isshiki did say that he intends to kill the three so he could go back to Konoha uncontested and get Kawaki back.

If we recall the very first scene of the series, it seems very likely that Isshiki will get Kawaki back. Kawaki not having any karma may aid him in the process. That flash-forward scene showed him having the mark that Isshiki has placed on him. This definitely suggests that it might only be a matter of time before Isshiki goes back to Konoha and fulfil his mission.

Boruto Chapter 51

And if there is no one to stop Isshiki from getting Kawaki back, then that means neither Naruto nor Sasuke are is around to challenge him.

Boruto Chapter 51 Raw Scans And Release Date

Chapter 51 will be released on Tuesday, October 20, at 9:30 am PDT. The chapter title has not been leaked yet.

The scans are usually get leaked a day or two before the chapter’s official release. Hence, they will be out by October 18.

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