Boruto Chapter 52 Read Online, Spoilers, Full Summary Raw Scans Leaks and Manga Updates

Boruto Chapter 52 Read Online, Spoilers, Full Summary Raw Scans Leaks and Manga Updates

Boruto Chapter 52 spoilers are finally out with the raw scans leaks arriving on the internet. Fans have already translated most of the dialogues and panel texts from Japanese or Chinese to English as the manga leaks are becoming more clear. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Boruto 52 spoilers and hence one must proceed at their own risk.

We would advise the manga readers to wait for the official English release of the Boruto chapter as it is more accurate compared to the spoilers and it also helps the creators. Here are more details on Boruto chapter 52 spoilers, leaks, full summary and ways to read online the manga series for free.

Boruto Chapter 52 Read Online and English Release Date

Boruto Chapter 52 Read Online and English Release Date

Boruto Chapter 52 release date is currently set as November 20, 2020, as per the official manga website. Fans can read the latest issue of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 52 for free on official Shonen Jump, Viz Media and Manga Plus apps and websites. It would be better to wait for the official release of the “Boruto” chapter 52 English version as it would help the manga creators.

Boruto Chapter 52 Full Summary and Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 52 Full Summary and Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 52 Full Summary

Boruto Chapter 52 Title: Baryon Mode (重粒子モード)

The chapter starts with Naruto and Kurama talking about the new mode. Kurama describes the new mode as “Nuclear Fusion; like the Sun releasing its energy. It’s about using my chakra and your chakra to create new energy” (fusion).

Naruto: “it does sound simple, but how is it different from the Nine-tails mode and Six-paths mode?”

Nine-tail: “It’s fundamentally different. To simplify it, the previous mode used charka from other places. But this time it’s something else entirely, simply put, the power is to use your chakra and my chakra as raw materials to create new energy.’

Nine tails: “listen up. …don’t make any unnecessary movements. It’s all about prolonging this new mode and using it to its fullest”


Naruto from the start begins to overwhelm Isshiki and also manages to dodge a few of his attacks. A few panels later, Isshiki manages to assert his dominance over Naruto by using his ‘Cube/block creation’ ability and succussed to bury Naruto under the blocks, but Naruto easily managed to lift the blocks, meanwhile Sasuke tries to take Boruto away from the battlefield.

Naruto then proceeds to throw the blocks back at Isshiki, Isshiki shrinks and attacks by throwing black chakra rods. Naruto manages to grab the black charka rods that Isshiki fired at him with his bare hands, a feat that even Sasuke could not achieve with his rinnegan or his sharingan.

Isshiki: “Impossible, how did he manage this sudden surge of power.


They seem to be discussing Kawaki’s prosthetic arm, which was originally made for Naruto and only Naruto’s chakra can be used to control/power it. Naruto giving Kawaki the arm, managed to refine the chakra allowing Kawaki to move the arm freely.

Suddenly, the prosthetic arm began to move/feel strange, everyone was shocked.

Kawaki: “Wha the chakra of the Nanadaime getting weaker…!”


Naruto is seen to be physically exhausted, down to one knee, and the
pattern on his new mode seems to be deteriorating.

Sasuke: “what’s going on? Is Naruto’s chakra suddenly getting weaker?’

Boruto got worried about his dad and tried to get up but fainted from the pain.

Naruto says that ‘he does not have much time left until this mode disappears’. Isshiki notices that Naruto is exhausted and comments: ‘l see…that suddenly enhanced ability/power of yours is a great killing ability, but you will only win by sacrificing your life .

As Isshiki is laughing at Naruto for losing, -Isshiki suddenly vomits blood, and looks to be shaken.

Isshiki: “what happened? what’s going on? I’m vomiting blood. Your attacks should not have been fatal, right? Naruto, what have you done…!”

Naruto: “Hey.. .who is going to die real battle starts now”


Kurama: “First of all, this power is very strong, it is definitely above him. However, we still can’t beat him, because the side effects of using this power are too great, and I think we will be the first to die compared to him’

Naruto: “…What?”


Isshiki: “What is this.. .there is no mistake!! My.. .my. ..lifespan.. .is decreasing rapidly… Ever as an underestimate, I predicted this to last atleast 20 hours, but before I knew it, only 30 minutes are left… l! Damn…’

Nine-tails: “Listen carefully…don’t think about hitting him. Just think of hitting him with every single and real blow, just like boxing.’

Sasuke: “Naruto’s chakra is decreasing rapidly, could that guy…’
Meanwhile, Boruto is still unconscious.

Isshiki manages to attack Naruto on his neck, and then suddenly he
felt Kawaki’s chakra and laughed.

Naruto “…?”\

In the end, the winner was really me, I Isshiki Ötsutsuki…!

Isshiki: Yeti-lowly, inferior creatures could never. .1!”


Everyone is still shocked and confused to see this sudden change in
the prosthetic arm, and then all of a sudden a portal opens and Kawaki is sucked straight through, this leaves everyone even more confused.

Naruto is shocked, Sasuke is shocked, Kawaki is confused and
Isshiki is confident of victory.

Kawaki: “What happened…?!”

Isshiki” “l see.. .that unsightly right arm, Hokage…it worked by your
Chakra. I’m grateful.. .thanks to that meddling connection/link was
able to pull Kawaki here last minute”.

All of a sudden, Boruto who has been unconscious all this time,
suddenly opens his eyes and something like Jougan activates.

Boruto Chapter 52 Ends

There could be several errors in translation and hence fans must wait for the official Boruto chapter 52 release and read the manga from official sources.

Source: Nite_Baron and AbdulZodyck on Twitter

Boruto Chapter 52 Spoilers, Leaks, Title: Naruto Finds a Way to drain the Chakra of Isshiki

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