Boruto Chapter 53 Latest Update: Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked; Things Are In A Bad Shape For Both Naruto And Sasuke

Boruto Chapter 53

Boruto Chapter 53 is just around the corner and fans are making speculations left, right and centre. There is excitement everywhere as we saw some intense fighting between The Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki and Isshiki Otsutsuki in the previous chapter. Now fans await with baited breath as to what comes next.


Raw Scans For Boruto Chapter 53 Leaked

A Twitter user has posted the Japanese raw scans, which has been marked as spoilers. This has garnered numerous comments within the hour. You can find the tweets below. However, the dialogue will be translated very soon. We will not need to wait much longer.

It looks a pattern here that Sasuke is keeping loosing his body parts. First his left arm was torn by Naruto Uzumaki and now it seems like Naruto’s son cut his eye off. Naruto and Kawaki are shocked to see it but Sasuke doesn’t even flinch.

Fans are hyped seeing this as the Crashed airship from CH16 of the MAnga series.

You can follow the link and see how it’s shown that Kawaki’s arm fell off. Naruto was sharing a portion of chakra with Kawaki. But now, he probably doesn’t have enough to share with him anymore. Kawaki will possibly sacrifice himself to save Naruto and Sasuke.

Plot Predictions

Isshiki looks to be extremely strong. So much that even baryon mode didn’t help in slowing him down. All this is happening most likely because Naruto’s chakra depleted after he went on his knees. And Ishiki became equal and after that more chakra went away, so then Ishiki became superior. Eventually, he choked Naruto and now all the chakra is gone.

Apparently, Kawaki has karma and an evil side of him is now coming out. Overall, summary of the scans seems like- Isshiki thought he won and put karma on Kawaki. However, Kawaki used a shadow clone in order to trap Isshiki, so Isshiki lost his last strength to put the seal on a clone. Hence, he dies. Meanwhile, BoruShiki appears at the end, when everyone is exhausted.

Release Date

Now that the spoilers and raw scans are here, the wait for the official release intensifies. Chapter 53 is releasing this Sunday on 20th December 2020.

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