Boruto Chapter 53 Spoilers, Leaks, Full Summary: Naruto and Kawaki vs Isshiki Battle finally Ends

Boruto Chapter 53 Spoilers, Leaks, Full Summary- Naruto and Kawaki vs Isshiki Battle finally Ends

Boruto Chapter 53 spoilers and leaks are finally out and fans have also compiled a full summary of the manga storyline. It seems that Naruto vs Isshiki battle finally comes to an end as Kawaki also gets involved. But there is still a shocking end to the manga story and fans have to read Boruto 53 spoilers to find it out.

For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Boruto Chapter 53 spoilers, leaks, full summary, and hence one must proceed at their own risk.

Boruto Chapter 53 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Boruto Chapter 53 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Boruto Chapter 53 Title: Reality

Boruto Chapter 53 Full Summary

In the beginning, Kawaki was summoned by Isshiki.

Naruto and Sasuke are shocked and Kawaki is stunned.

Isshiki: Hello, Kawaki, I finally found you.

The scene cuts back to Amado and the Konoha Village.

Everyone was shocked, Amado: There is no other way, it’s over.

The scene cuts back to the battlefield.

Kawaki: So this is Isshiki…? It was this guy who carved the Karma on me, and now he wants to carve the Karma on me again.

Isshiki: That was close. I now only have five minutes left. I didn’t expect to be forced to this point by this group of low life.

Kawaki remembers the words of Amado: No monster can escape from death, and it will be our victory, if we can escape before that guy’s life runs out.

Kawaki: so there are five minutes left… I didn’t expect that I could witness the end of your s***t life…

Isshiki: Hmph… It’s just a little more sleep time. When the time comes, it will be resurrected, as long as a carve my Karma on you.

Naruto: Kawaki, run! We will hold him off! you just need to… Isshiki steps on Naruto, and the Baryon mode wears off.

Isshiki: Be quite and go to sleep… Kawaki began to run away and Isshiki caught up with Kawaki.

Isshiki: You will never escape me. Isshiki grabs Kawaki’s neck and prepays to carve the Karma.

Sasuke Switched himself with Kawaki and told Kawaki to use the smoke bomb he left.

Isshiki kicks Sasuke away.

Isshiki: Aways trying to put up clever tricks, really dumb, it’s meaningless in front of the Byakugan.

Isshiki use his Byakugan to search for Kawaki but fails to find him.

Sasuke’s inner monologue: You are the one that is dumb, dust can hinder the vision of the Byakugan, although only for a few minutes, but it’s enough.

Isshiki is confused. he flew to the sky and began to curse and yell: Kawaki

Isshiki: What a joke, you will never escape.

Naruto: Well done, Kawaki, just run away.

Isshiki is really anxious: listen up, Kawaki, since you want to escape so much, I have to do this. Isshiki stepped heavily on Naruto.

Isshiki: I will give you twenty seconds. If you don’t come out within twenty seconds, I will crush this guy’s stomach and kill him. If you want to escape, you can, but your precious Hokage will be dead! Kawaki.

Sasuke: Damn it, this bastard.

Kawaki starts to re think, he had escaped from Jigen in the lab before, but can only hide in the corner and shiver, Jigen can always find him. Every time Jigen will beat him half to death.

The trembling Kawaki held Naruto’s prosthetic arm tightly.

Kawaki starts to remember Naruto’s words, Naruto’s smile, and the joyful time he spent with Naruto, and the times when Naruto smiled and said: From today on you will be my student.

At the last second of the countdown, Kawaki stood out.

Isshiki smiles, that’s a good boy.

Kawaki uses fire release, but ninjutsu is meaningless.

Isshiki: it’s useless.

He hugged Kawaki.

Isshiki: What are you doing… Are you pretending to be a ninja?

Kawaki: … 7th Hokage accepted me as his student, and said that I’m very talented…

Isshiki: You cannot become a ninja, and you will never become anyone. The only reason for your existence is to be my vessel and then disappear…

Kawaki: He taught me many other things and the meaning of been alive…

Isshiki: What is the result? In the end, the prosthetic hand he gave you allowed me to locate you. It is precisely because he taught you your feelings that you were caught like this. This is reality.

Kawaki: Hey…you don’t understand, and you will never understand. This world without the 7th Hokage will be meaningless to me…! It’s better to die.

Isshiki grabs Kawaki’s neck: It doesn’t matter, anyway, your will be my vessel. He starts to carve the Karma, the Karma tattoo slowly extent on to Kawaki’s body.

Isshiki: hahahaha(cliche evil laugh) Kawaki stood motionless.

Isshiki: …the result of course, this is reality. Although it made me sweat several times in the middle, but I won. Kawaki slowly opened his eyes.

Isshiki: I can finally sleep peacefully… Still doing the cliche evil laugh, Isshiki’s fingers starts to fall off, his body began to collapse.

Isshiki: Looks like time is up? What a pity for you guys. I didn’t expect a bunch of inferior creatures cam force me to this point…

Kawaki stares at Isshiki quietly. The tattoo starts to slowly disappear from Kawaki’s body…

Isshiki’s smile gradually turned into a shocked look, Sasuke was also shocked.

Isshiki: What…? Whats happening?…

Kawaki: Can you tell me how many seconds do you have left…? You still have a few seconds to live in this world… Mr. Otsutsuki.

Isshiki changed from shock to anger: what the hell is going on? He starts to collapse to the ground.

Isshiki: This is impossible, impossible! I literally carved the Karma on him.

Another Kawaki appeared on the scene, Isshiki shocked.

Kawaki: Shadow clone jutsu…

Naruto: Kawaki… Seeing Isshiki’s whole body is torn apart.

Kawaki: It looks like you still wanted to say something, but it doesn’t matter now. You got killed by your own vessel, no matter what you want to say, this is your reality…

Isshiki staring at Kawaki, and turns into ashes, Kawaki jumped down and stepped on the ashes

Kawaki: Now you can sleep forever, bastard.

Naruto: It really shocked me, I didn’t expect the shadow clone…

Kawaki: I’m still practicing it. One is already my limit.

Sasuke: Are you okay… Naruto.

Naruto: You are the one that’s all injured. (a repeat of what they said after the Momoshiki battle)

Sasuke: Don’t fool around. I want to ask about your power. Naruto.

Sasuke: The consumption of that chakra is very unusual, and that power is very risky, right?

Naruto: No, this, that… how should I explain…

Kawaki: What is that power lord 7th.

Suddenly, Borushiki, who was coming over at an extremely fast speed, suddenly stabbed Sasuke’s left eye with a kunai. (payback!!!)

Everyone is shocked.

Borushiki: I didn’t expect Isshiki Otsutsuki will be defeated by you lot. So the only obstacle left is you…

Boruto Chapter 53 Ends

Source: Boruto 53 Spoilers on Twitter

Boruto Chapter 53 will release on Sunday, December 20 and fans can read it online for free from Shonen Jump, Viz Media and MangaPlus official platforms.

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