Boruto Chapter 54 Spoiler Theories: Kashin Koji to the Rescue, Boruto goes Missing, Amado’s Plan

Boruto Chapter 54 Spoiler Theories- Kashin Koji to the Rescue, Boruto goes Missing, Amado's Plan

Boruto Chapter 54 spoiler and leaks will be out very soon and fans are so eager to know what happens next in the manga storyline. Momoshiki has taken control over the body of Boruto and it means trouble for Naruto and Sasuke.

There are so many Boruto 54 theories trying to predict the manga storyline and the future of Boruto’s journey to becoming a Hokage. Kawaki will also play an important role in the future of manga series and hence there will also be a focus on him. Here are a few of the best Boruto Chapter 54 spoiler theories that speculate what will happen next in the manga story.

Boruto Chapter 54 Spoiler Theories and Predictions

Boruto Chapter 54 Spoiler Theories and Predictions 

Boruto Chapter 54 spoiler theory says that Kawaki will be a key factor in the fight against Momoshiki. Naruto and Sasuke are badly injured and in no shape to fight Momoshiki, which is why Kawaki will step into the situation and use some jutsu to save everyone and hold Borushiki off. Boruto will be somehow then gain control back from Momoshiki and open a portal that takes everyone back home. Also, Amado will make a device that will heal Naruto and Sasuke from the damage in the recent fights.

Boruto Chapter 54 spoiler theory also predicts that Kashin Koji will join the battlefield via a new portal. Although, it won’t be the same Koji that Jigen fought and instead another Jiraiya clone that Amado made in case of emergencies. Kashin Koji will handle Borushiki’s rampage and open a portal back to Konoha and save everyone at the cost of his own body.

Boruto Chapter 54 spoiler predictions also explore the possibility that the manga story will focus on an internal mental between Momoshiki and Boruto. It will show that Borushiki is about to deliver a deadly blow to Naruto and Sasuke, but all of a sudden he stops as Boruto has gained control of his body. But since it is only for a short time, Boruto will open a portal back to Konoha and go into hiding so that he doesn’t harm anyone else. It would be a cool way to introduce the time skip and the story can resume from the first chapter with the destroyed Hokage faces and Boruto vs Kawaki fight.

Boruto Chapter 54 release date is set as January 20 at 10:30 am EST and fans can read the manga for free from Viz Media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus platforms.

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