Boruto Chapter 54 Spoilers Explained: Boruto breaks the Horn to remove Momoshiki’s Control

Boruto Chapter 54 Spoilers Explained- Boruto breaks the Horn to remove Momoshiki's Control

Boruto Chapter 54 spoilers and full summary are finally out and fans are having a hard time understanding some of the leaks. There is so much happening in the manga storyline that it is kind of confusing.

It is why will try to break down the Boruto 54 spoilers and explain the manga events. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Boruto Chapter 54 spoilers and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

Boruto Chapter 54 Spoilers and Leaks Explained

Boruto Chapter 54 Spoilers and Leaks Explained

Boruto Chapter 54 spoilers reveal that the manga story focuses on Sasuke and Kawaki trying to fight Borushiki and save Boruto. But the biggest issue is that they can’t directly hit Momoshiki as he has taken control over Boruto’s body. It is what makes Boruto 54 chapter interesting as Sasuke and Kawaki come up with a brilliant way to defeat Momoshiki by overloading his chakra.

The extra chakra power will make Boruto stronger to resist control and he finally breaks free out of Momoshiki’s control. Sasuke and Kawaki attack Borushiki together with fire ninjutsu and chakra which he is unable to dodge and accidentally absorb the chakra energy.

It is enough for Boruto to gain consciousness and before Borushiki can teleport away, Naruto’s son takes the control back and breaks the horn on his head as symbolism to show that he is now in control of his body. Boruto Chapter 54 ends with Boruto apologizing to Sasuke and Kawaki for all the trouble he caused, but the future is still uncertain.

Read Online Boruto Chapter 54 Legally

Read Online Boruto Chapter 54 Legally

Boruto Chapter 54 can be read online legally from Viz Media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus app and websites. The best part is that the latest 3 Boruto manga chapters are free to read without any subscription and hence fans could easily catch up to the latest issue.

Boruto Chapter 54 will be live on January 20 at 10 am EST and similar time all over the world.

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