Boruto Chapter 55 Full Summary Spoilers: Boruto and the Gang finally reaches back to Konoha

Boruto Chapter 55 Full Summary Spoilers- Boruto and the Gang finally reaches back to Konoha

Boruto Chapter 55 full summary has finally been compiled by fans and it explains in detail the manga storyline. Boruto, Naruto, Sasuke and Kawaki go back to their home in Konoha village, but things are not going as per the plan. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Boruto Chapter 55 summary spoilers and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

Boruto Chapter 55 Full Summary Spoilers and Future Preview

Boruto Chapter 55 Full Summary Spoilers and Future Preview

Boruto Chapter 55 Full Summary

The chapter starts with Naruto having a conversation with Kurama. Naruto thinks that he is dead due his overuse of baryon mode, but kurama tells him that he is indeed alive just unconscious to the outside world. Kurama says: “I’ve come to say goodbye in case you were wondering…this is our last conversation so I’ll speak while I can”.

Naruto thanks kurama for being by his side afterall these years, despite not having a father or a mother, he says: “I see… just like mother and father you are also…No, this is different. There are still many things- but…in any case I’m glad you’re here.,Thank You”. Kurama mentions that due to theirstrong link they managed to successfully pull off baryon mode, and also succeeded in defeating Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Naruto says that it hasn’t ended yet, “there is still Boruto, kawaki…and the village too”, kurama says: t’you need to deal with that on your own now”. Kurama explains that usually when a tailed beast is extracted from the host, the host dies but this is not the case with Naruto. Naruto will not die as only the chakra for the tailed beast has been depleted/finished as opposed to the tailed beast being extracted from the host which is different.

Kurama says ‘the price of baryon mode is my life, not yours, I lied to you this one time…”. Kurama thinks that Naruto would not have agreed to the plan if he knew the truth, as kurama departs he warns Naruto to be careful because he does not have the powers of a Jinchuriki anymore.

Panel Switch: Naruto wakes up and finds Boruto hugging him with Sasuke right by his side. Kawaki wakes up shortly after. Naruto and Sasuke have a conversation about how Naruto’s recklessness and how he almost died. Kawaki wants to go home and discuss these events in detail, so Naruto requests Boruto to use his karma to create a time space portal so they-can all go home.

Boruto looks at Sasuke but Sasuke says that his rinnegan is now useless, Boruto has a sudden flashback of momoshiki stabbing Sasuke’s rinnegan.

Sasuke: “this is reality, it’s not your fault. We went into this fight with the resolution for death only and it is lucky that we’re alive!’

Panel Switch: Code wakes up front his nap, observes the ten tails to check if everything is-normal. Code then reveals that he is also a vessel ‘to’sshiki Otsutsuki but a ‘failed vessel’, he says: “this karma is a failure. Unlike kawaki I could never become a vessel”.

Suddenly, Isshiki appears from code’s karma, code is shocked. Isshiki mentions that his soul will soon be extinguished “but the will of the otsutsuki will never cease to exist”, code his “faithful and beloved servant'” will inherit the powers of an Otsutsuki and carry out the will of Isshiki, code must fed kawaki and Boruto to the Ten Tails and grow the God Tree (shinju/Divine tree).

Isshiki tells code that he must become “THE ONSAND ONLY GOD”, he must eat the chakra fruit from the god tree and become a new Otsutsuki (update himself). Code and Isshiki’s dialogue ends with code saying: “From the bottom of my heart, I will get rid of the people who robbed me of you”.

Panel Switch: Boruto activates his karma and tries to open up a space time portal but it does not seem to work, kawaki then mentions that boruto’s karma is weak and also comments that Boruto is afraid of using the powers of his karma because momoshiki might take over again. you scared…that he’ll come out?”.

Kawaki then mentions that while his karma is gone, boruto’s karma is still intact, “I’ll erase your karma myself. l’ll definitely do something about it”. Kawaki no longer has karma but he is still: 80% Ötsutsuki, so Boruto and kawaki both simultaneously use the powers of karma and successfully open up a space time portal t0 Konoha, Sasuke grabs Naruto and runs towards the portal as it was only going to last seconds, Back at Konoha, Shikamaru is worried about the outcome of the fight as he is still yet to receive an update.’

Unexpectedly, Shikamaru gets a signal indicating that Boruto, kawaki, Naruto and Sasuke are back in Konoha, as their chakra was picked up’ by the sensory team. The sensory team did not detect any other chakra;so shikamaru happily informs the rest that they’ve defeated the Ötsutsuki. Katasuke and Sumire cheer up, but amado asks for Kawaki and wonder if he is okay. As the panel switches, we see sumire staring at amado as if she suspects amado of something. Shikamaru tells the medical team to quickly rush to the scene as all of them are heavily injured.

Shikamaru: “Apparently they are all hurt, but they are good. Anyways, let’s go to where they are and see in more detail”. The scene switches to Naruto saying: “Oh my…we’re back in our village”. Kawaki tells Boruto to become more independent, but Boruto says that as long as kawaki is with him he “feels like he can do anything”. On the last page code mutters the names of the kawaki, amado, Sasuke, Naruto and momoshiki’s vessel Uzumaki Boruto.

Preview Text for Ch55: “The disturbing eyes of code, who was entrusted with the will of the Otsutsuki, are looking at…”

Boruto Chapter 56 Release Date: 18th March 2021

Source: Boruto Chapter 55 Spoilers on Twitter by Abdul Zoldyck

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