Boruto Chapter 56 Magazine Cover Leaks, Spoilers: Kawaki and Boruto are out for Adventure


Boruto Chapter 56 spoilers are out in the form of manga magazine cover leaks and things are looking interesting. The manga storyline is on a very interesting point and it can move forward in any direction. Boruto, Kawaki, Naruto and Sasuke are back to their home in the Konoha village but things could go wrong very soon. Boruto Chapter 56 cover leaks show Kawaki and Boruto in the front as they are ready for another adventure.

Boruto Chapter 56 Magazine Cover Leaks and Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 56 V Jump May 2021 issue cover has leaked out on Twitter and it reveals a lot of details about the manga storyline. Kawaki and Boruto are standing side by side in their current forms. Boruto looks a bit nervous and afraid, while Kawaki is all serious and smoldering. There will be more intel on Boruto 56 spoilers once the texts on the magazine cover are translated into English.

Fans must not confuse the V Jump cover with the Boruto Chapter 56 manga cover, as both are different covers. The magazine includes other manga series such as Dragon Ball Super and more, whereas the manga covers are made for the solo manga copies. Boruto Chapter 56 spoilers and leaks will be updated once the manga raws or scans are out.

Boruto Chapter 56 Release Date and Read Manga Online

Boruto Chapter 56 Release Date and Read Manga Online

Boruto Chapter 56 release date is set as March 18 as per the official manga sources. The V Jump magazine containing the manga issue will come out on March 19 as the actual chapter comes out a day before that.

Fans can read online Boruto Chapter 56 for free from the following official manga platforms.

  • MangaPlus
  • Viz Media
  • Shonen Jump

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