Boruto Chapter 57 Cover Page Spoilers: Cyborg Ada from Kara is the New Threat to Konoha Village

Boruto Chapter 57 Cover Page Spoilers: Cyborg Ada from Kara is the New Threat to Konoha Village

Boruto Chapter 57 cover page leaks are finally out and the manga spoilers will be fully revealed soon. The text summary of the manga storyline is already available and more updates are on their way. It seems that the Boruto 57 manga chapter will focus on the cyborg Ada and her interaction with Code who will become the big bad of the manga storyline.

There are so many other things revealed about the manga characters and the storyline is taking an entirely new direction. Here is more on Boruto Chapter 57 cover page leaks, spoilers and other manga updates.

Boruto Chapter 57 Cover Page Spoilers and Leaks

Boruto Chapter 57 cover page has Ada on it and she is the only character featured as similar to the previous chapter where only a solo figure is on the manga cover. Ada has long blue hairs that are like tentacles with pink streaks, and her hairs are coming down to her waist.

Boruto Chapter 57 cover shows that Ada is wearing a white T-shirt with a black skirt that has ninja stars symbol on it. She is also wearing sandals with long blue heels along with some sort of bracelet and ring on her hand.

Boruto Chapter 57 Title: ADA (It should be read as EIDA)

Cover Subtitle: The Cyborg “ADA” – Surrounded by a mysterious secret.

Cover Caption: A threat that approaches the Village!! What is the hidden strength of “Kara”…!?

Boruto Chapter 57 Read Online and Official Release Date

Boruto Chapter 57 can be read online legally for free from the following manga platforms. One must always use the following manga reading sources and support the creators.

  • MangaPlus
  • Viz Media – Shonen Jump

Boruto Chapter 57 Release Date: April 20, 11 am EST

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